Amazon: Hundreds of British workers quit because of wages, union says

LONDON (Reuters) – Hundreds of Amazon workers working at a warehouse in Tilbury, southeast England, have quit their jobs to protest wage hikes, union GMB said.

Amazon, which dominates the online retail market, has faced criticism from workers in many countries over wages and working conditions.

“Amazon continues to refuse to work with unions to ensure better working conditions and fair wages. The reuse of short-term contracts aims to undermine workers’ rights,” the union said on Thursday.

According to the GMB, 800 workers walked out of the warehouse on Wednesday and Thursday to protest a 35p an hour wage increase, with the union demanding a two-pound (€2.38) increase to offset rising costs of living and to better match job requirements.

The US tech giant, which has 70,000 employees in the UK, said in an email that starting wages would be raised to a minimum of £10.50 to £11.45 an hour.

In recent months, workers in various sectors, including railways, airlines and telecommunications, have gone on strike in the UK as wage growth has not kept pace with rising prices.

(Report by Muvija M, French version by Augustin Turpin, edited by Kate Entringer)

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