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For now only known by their code name, these devices could soon reach the online store.

According to a recent Bloomberg article, Amazon is currently working on many new devices. Among these, we would find in particular a large Echo wall, a new version of Echo Auto and an assistant robot. Various portable devices are also planned. These new devices could arrive very quickly, as Amazon is organizing just this Tuesday, September 28, an event to launch new devices and services.

Project “Hoya”

The most interesting device is probably the wall version of the Echo. This big Echo, currently known by the code name “Hoya”, would have a 15-inch screen. It can be mounted on a stand like a regular Echo device, but it can also be mounted on a wall. It will act as a smart home hub.

So you can control lights, cameras and activate a large number of devices. You can also display widgets that indicate, for example, the weather forecast or the time of upcoming meetings. This Echo is also specially designed to work in the kitchen. It will be able to show recipes and cooking videos, while also allowing streaming of Netflix and other apps.

Project “Harmony”

While there are already several soundbars that support Alexa, Amazon is expected to release its own version soon. Known for now by the codename “Harmony”, these speakers should allow users to make video calls from their television through a front camera.

Project “Marion”

Bloomberg indicates that Amazon would also develop a new version of Echo Auto, codenamed “Marion.” This new version should benefit from a new design and should be compatible with wireless charging.

This device should be integrated with Amazon’s current automotive projects. In fact, the company is currently working with Ford to equip 700,000 Alexa cars. Negotiations are also reportedly underway with other manufacturers.

Project “Vesta”

For several years, Amazon has been working on a home robot project, codenamed “Vesta.” The prototypes are said to be currently being tested with employees, but Bloomberg says the project encounters a great deal of doubt as to its usefulness, either from the staff or from Jeff Bezos himself.

The device should integrate a 7 to 10 inch screen and use the Alexa interface. It could serve as a security robot or an assistant, for example, reminding the user of appointments. However, the robot would have no arms and would not support stairs. It’s hard to see anything other than a niche product aimed at the most tech-savvy. The product should cost a minimum of $ 1,000.

Finally, the brand is also considering expanding its range of connected accessories by offering devices for children and the elderly. We will probably have to wait for the conference on September 28 to get more information.

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