Amazon launches show with video of its Ring doorbells

Half hour show called Ring of the nationwill be hosted by actress and comedian Wanda Sykes and will premiere on September 26, according to MGM.

According to the studio, viewers can expect to see pretty ordinary viral videos like marriage proposals, people saving neighbors, and funny animals.

Restore the image of the Ring

The series showcases how Amazon brings together its various business divisions, this time to shed light on what MGM calls. highlights from communities across the United States.

You have a company that owns two giants, and you figured out how to use one against the other.Robert Passikoff, president of the brand research company, said. BrandCase.

He notes that unlike scripted films or shows, reality shows using video from doorbells and smart cameras Ring probably cheaper to produce for Amazon.

Wanda Sykes will host Ring Nation.

Photo: Getty Images/Theo Vargo

This release also represents an opportunity to restore the image Ring, which Amazon bought for $1 billion in 2018. The company has come under fire for the privacy of videos captured by its devices. His relationship with the police was questioned around the world.

Amazon said last month that it provided images of the doorbell. Ring to law enforcement 11 times this year without the permission of the owners. The e-commerce giant claims that each time these were requests related to emergencies.

Video comforting

Studio MGM, which Amazon bought for $8.5 billion, claims that Ring of the nation will offer viewers daily dose of unpredictable, touching and hilarious viral videos.

Many of them have already been shared online.Nick Schwiers, an Amazon spokesman, said. Others were sent directly to the team.

Ring of the nation obtains permissions for each video from the owner and any person identified in the video or companies that own the rights to the video, he said.

Amazon’s deal to buy MGM was completed earlier this year, although the Federal Trade Commission still has the right to challenge it. Big Fish Entertainmenta production company owned by MGM is also involved in the sale.

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