Amazon Offers Unlimited Drug Subscriptions for $5/Month – Science et Avenir

According to the statement, Amazon on Tuesday launched a subscription that provides unlimited generic prescription drugs for $5 a month at no additional cost. This offer is intended for its main clients.

The service, dubbed RxPass, offers a suite of generic drugs “that treat more than 80 common conditions,” according to Amazon, which estimates that more than 150 million Americans take one or more of them occasionally or regularly.

RxPass does not require the intervention of an insurance company, unlike the conventional system, in which the cost of drugs is fully or partially covered by mutual insurance or the public coverage of Medicare and Medicaid.

This initiative is indicative of Amazon’s desire to continue to develop its healthcare offering, whether it be medicines or care.

In particular, at the end of July, the group announced the acquisition of One Medical, a network of private medical institutions, for $3.9 billion.

The Seattle, Washington giant is also expanding the services offered by its Prime subscription, which already offers a large catalog of movies, TV shows and music titles in addition to free shipping on Amazon orders.

The cost of the RxPass subscription will be added to the price already paid for Prime.

RxPass is one of the most advanced formulas in the low-cost drug market with Walmart’s Retail Group’s drug list service that provides a $4 monthly course of this generic drug.

In October, startup Renee launched a $25 subscription drug offering from around 1,000 medicines at no additional cost.

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