Amazon opens PS5 restocking registration by invitation only – how to register

Amazon PS5 restocking is now by invitation only. The e-commerce giant recently announced that buyers must request an invitation to all future PS5 restocking events. Amazon is also accepting requests to purchase the PS5 Horizons West bundle for $549.

“In order to ensure that as many genuine customers as possible can purchase this sought-after item, we are selling it by invite,” reads a new post on the PS5 Amazon page. If you sign up and are invited to buy a PS5 on Amazon, you will receive an invitation email. You can sign up for the next Amazon restocking through this Amazon link. (will open in a new tab). (We registered on June 2 and have not yet received an invitation).

Amazon PS5 Restocking (Sign Up for Invites)

How to register for the next Amazon PS5 top-up

Amazon PS5 Product Page

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Of all the retailers that have offered the PS5 over the past few years, Amazon has been the hardest to track down. Not only does Amazon PS5 restocking happen without warning, it also sells out in minutes. Amazon is now changing its approach to PS5 restocking by requiring buyers to sign up for restocking through their login page.

Signing up for a PS5 invite from Amazon is pretty easy. Log in to your account first (will open in a new tab) and then go to the PS5 product page on Amazon. (will open in a new tab). The “Add to Cart” button on the PS5 page has been replaced with a “Request Invite” button. Click on the request button and you will be automatically logged in. That’s all!

Amazon says that if you are invited to purchase a PS5, you will receive an email with a link that is valid for 72 hours. Amazon clearly states that it won’t be able to accommodate everyone, so signing up is not a guarantee that you’ll get an invite or a console.

It is worth noting that registration is only open for the purchase of the PS5 Disc console. There is no sign up button on the PS5 Digital page.

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