Amazon Prime Day 2021: Promotions on Nintendo Switch games and consoles?

Good plan news Amazon Prime Day 2021: Promotions on Nintendo Switch games and consoles?


The promotions will flow freely during these two Prime Day days at Amazon! Gaming will obviously be there, but when will it be Nintendo, the darling of the gaming community? We take stock of potential promotions already available!

D-Day is fast approaching. This June 21 at midnight will mark the start of the most important event of the year at Amazon. Get ready for many very tempting promotions on various and varied products including gaming! Games, consoles, subscriptions (and perhaps restocking) will be there. But what about Nintendo?

Fans know better than anyone that the Japanese firm rarely lowers the prices of its games and consoles. Nintendo is keen to keep a certain level of the prices applied so as not to lower the value of their catalog. A Zelda Breath Of The Wild has not dropped in price since its launch, or € 52.99! A very high price for a game which dates from 2016. When a God Of War or a The Last Of Us Part II are found a year later at 25 € on the shelves!

However, we note that for now, and since launch, Amazon offers the best prices on Nintendo Switch games. Mostly sold at a price of 44.99 €, the titles are thus 10 € or even 15 € cheaper than the competition! Is a ray of hope possible?

At first glance, Prime Day would not be an event in which Nintendo could apply major discounts. And yet, last year, we relayed exclusive promotions to Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing packs! But that’s not all since accessories, memory cards and other games had then benefited from attractive reductions. This proves to us that surprises are possible and they occurred throughout the event. It is very highly likely that these same promotions will be repeated this year. on the occasion of Prime Day. Chip shortages have driven up the price of Nintendo Switch consoles! Amazon Prime Day would therefore be a good way to acquire one at a more affordable price.

SanDisk 256 GB SD card priced at € 41.04 instead of € 93.99

Sandisk 128 GB SD card for Nintendo Switch priced at € 17.98 instead of € 42.99

Wireless Controller Super Mario Edition priced at € 42.99 instead of € 49.99

Amazon Prime: An essential subscription

Prime subscribers will be able to save their money while having fun. Because let’s not forget, Prime Day is an event dedicated exclusively to Prime members. If you have not yet subscribed, a 30-day free trial is offered! A good way to take advantage of the event without committing to the long term. Especially since the subscription gives you access to many benefits and services including delivery within 1 working day, unlimited access to Prime Video, Prime Music and Prime Reading!

I take advantage of the 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime to benefit from many advantages

How do you become an Amazon Prime member?

If you are a new customer, you need to create a new account and fill in your details. Once this formality has been completed, all you need to do is subscribe to a subscription available on the dedicated page on Amazon. You will need to enter your details and after receiving a confirmation email, you will then be able to benefit from all the advantages directly after payment.
Subscribe to Amazon Prime

What is the price of Amazon Prime?

The subscription price is set at € 49 per year after the end of the free trial period. You also have the option of choosing the monthly payment.

Can we try Amazon Prime for free?

You are offered a 30-day trial. You just have to go to the dedicated page to take advantage of it. You have the option to end the service at any time free of charge. Take advantage of 30 free Amazon Prime days

Does Prime Video require an additional subscription in addition to Amazon Prime?

No additional subscription is required to benefit from the service. Amazon Prime is a subscription including Prime Video, Prime Music and Prime Reading service at no additional cost.

The best Nintendo Switch deals

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