Amazon: Prime subscribers in the US will be able to try the Luna video game service

Amazon will make it possible for all subscribers to its Prime service in the United States to access its streaming video game service Luna, so far only available by invitation.

This platform allows video game enthusiasts to access it directly online, without necessarily owning computers or consoles. It is reserved for a limited number of users since its launch last year, the time for Amazon to polish the service. The e-commerce giant said on Monday that Prime subscribers, who paid to access various services such as the streaming video platform or free deliveries, will be able to register on June 21 and 22, during the promotional operation. Prime Days, to a free trial of Luna for seven days. Luna allows players to directly access their favorite titles via the “cloud” (remote computing) on ​​the device of their choice.

Microsoft in the same vein

In the same vein, Microsoft said last week that it was working on software allowing Xbox game enthusiasts to play directly on their internet-connected television, without a console. “There is still a place for consoles and PCs, and, honestly, there always will be. But thanks to the cloud we will be able to provide a robust gaming experience to anyone connected to the internet ”, then noticed Phil Spencer, the director of the Xbox division.


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