Amazon sets its Prime Days for June 2021

The news has just fallen: Amazon is moving its “Prime Day” sale to the second quarter. The e-commerce giant announced the date change during its first quarter earnings conference call. During a press briefing, Amazon executives announced that the “Prime Days” would take place in June.

“We are delighted to announce that we will be hosting the two day event in the second quarter. Prime Days are also a great opportunity for our sales partners to reach more customers and we will make supporting small businesses a high priority again this year, ”said Brian Olsavsky, Chief Financial Officer of Amazon. And to specify that “we will have more information to share on the Prime Days, in particular the dates of the event, a little later in the quarter”.

“Regarding the calendar, last year, we intended to organize the Prime Days earlier,” said the latter. Prior to Amazon’s announcement, speculation that Prime Days could take place again in July was rife. As a reminder, Jeff Bezos’ company has been organizing the event during this month since Prime Day kicked off in 2015, but last year, the health crisis had forced the American giant to postpone this promotion period to month of October.

Amazon revenues hit the ceiling

“There are a number of factors to take into account, including the continuation of the Olympic Games, still scheduled for this year. In some areas, July is an important holiday month. So it might be better for customers, sellers and service providers to experiment with another period. We experienced the reverse, obviously, in 2020 by moving it to October, but we think it might be better to do it later in the second quarter. So that’s what we are testing this year, ”said Amazon’s CFO.

The trade event usually lasts for several days and offers discounts on a range of products sold by the online retailer. Amazon usually has big sales on its own line of gadgets in particular, like the Amazon Echo line of smart speakers and smart home gadgets.

Note that AWS, the cloud branch of the American giant, has seen its revenue growth accelerate. AWS annual revenue is now $ 54 billion. Twitch’s growth has also been strong. Amazon says it expects second-quarter revenue to be between $ 110 billion and $ 116 billion, with operating income of between $ 4.5 billion and $ 8 billion.

Source: .com

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