Ambulance driver carrying 20 kg of marijuana sentenced to Laval

He probably thought that he would not be suspected while driving an ambulance. A 37-year-old man appeared before a Laval (Mayenne) court on Thursday for his involvement in drug trafficking, according to France Bleu Mayenne.

On January 10, 2020, a paramedic was intercepted by customs officers near the toll booth in Saint-Berthevin with 20 kg of cannabis resin hidden in his company car. There were also two patients in the ambulance at the time of the check.

His accomplice was arrested six months later

Six months later, the man who gave him the drugs was arrested. In his house, the police found the amount of 68 thousand euros in cash, cocaine, pistols, a wave detector and a GPS tracker, specifies Ouest-France.

Both were sentenced to three years in prison with two years’ probation. They will be able to serve their sentence at home with an electronic bracelet. They will also have to pay customs a fine of 179,000 euros.

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