AMD processors victims of two security vulnerabilities

A group of researchers presented two new types
of security breaches discovered in AMD processors
produced between 2011 and 2019. These attacks called Collide + Probe and Load + Reload
carried out by six academics, including those from the University of Rennes,
affect the security of the data processed inside the chip and
allow theft of sensitive information or damage to its devices
of security.

The attacks more specifically target a
performance management functionality on level 1 cache for
reduce energy consumption. They allow you to monitor how
processes interact with the cache to collect data from

According to researchers, these attacks can be exploited
without the need for physical access to targeted machines or equipment
special. They say they have successfully exploited them via JavaScript and from
of a cloud environment. AMD was notified last August of the existence of
these vulnerabilities, but has not officially communicated about them or published any
security patch. (Eureka Press)


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