American fund PSG Equity confiscated Zenchef for restaurant management software

Zenchef, a young French restaurant management software company, has been acquired by US fund PSG Equity. The amount of this acquisition, announced by Les Echos, was not specified. But the fund is investing 100 million euros in this occasion and plans to provide it with other funds for acquisitions.

QR code payment solution

The startup was founded in 2011 by Xavier Zeitoun, Thomas Zeitoun and Julien Balmont. Zenchef is a restaurant management software. With this solution, the restaurant owner can manage all bookings as well as their space layout, website, menu (online or via QR code), digital payment and invoicing, order taking, click and get, their inventory. , your opinions, your client file.

Zenchef is not a cash register software, but a startup has developed a QR code payment system like startup Sunday. The client can pay the bill in a convenient way for him by scanning a QR code (you can split the bill, pay for certain products or a certain amount and leave a tip). Zenchef ensures that its solution can be easily integrated with cash register software.

No booking fee

The startup claims 7,000 customers in fifteen countries. It claims to have processed nearly 50 million bookings, or roughly 170 million coverages, including more than 42 million in 2021. It does not take booking commissions and does not require aggressive promotions to promote restaurants. A way to stand out from some competitors.

Under the leadership of PSG Equity, Zenchef intends to establish itself in Europe. “We are convinced that this partnership with PSG marks the beginning of a new phase of growth and confirms both the relevance of our solutions and our strategic position in the food service industry,” explains Xavier Zeitoun, co-founder and CEO of Zenchef.

Zenchef will launch new BtoB and BtoC products, whether through acquisitions or internal developments. Last year, Zenchef acquired Billee to launch its Zenchef Pay solution. The Frenchman plans to soon launch a consumer mobile app to check restaurant availability and make reservations. At launch, only 1,500 restaurants will be mentioned in Paris.

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