American gymnast diagnosed with COVID-19

(Tokyo) An American gymnast tested positive for COVID-19 at a US training camp and another team member was placed in solitary confinement, a city official in Inzai, east of Tokyo, said Monday.

The identity of the athlete – a replacement in the American selection, which includes superstar Simone Biles – has not been disclosed, but the person in charge explains that it was a teenager.

The announcement comes following the announcement this weekend of the first cases in the Olympic Village in Tokyo, where thousands of athletes and supervisors live in a bubble.

“The athlete was placed in solitary confinement and had no symptoms,” said Kimiya Kosaku, head of Inzai.

“She arrived in Japan on July 15th. Another team member was identified as a contact person. He also remains alone in his room, ”he added.

According to Kyodo News, the rest of the team has already settled in the Olympic Village in Tokyo on Monday afternoon.

The 2020 Olympics, postponed for a year due to the pandemic, will officially kick off on Friday, with strict sanitary conditions for participants and virtually behind closed doors for all events. They should end on August 8th.

“We can confirm that a substitution in artistic gymnastics has tested positive for COVID-19,” the American Olympic Committee said at the time at the request of AFP.

“In accordance with local rules and protocol, she was transferred to a quarantine hotel,” they added.

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