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Los Angeles (AFP)

The fires continued their frantic race across the American West on Monday, with some of the fires blaming the California electricity supplier already responsible for the state’s deadliest fire.

The fire season has just begun, and 80 major fires are already raging in the United States, where they have engulfed more than 4,700 km² of vegetation.

Firefighters are particularly concerned about the development of the Tamarak fire, which suddenly intensified south of Lake Tahoe, engulfing California and Nevada. Authorities ordered residents of several villages to leave the area, and part of the Pacific Ridge Trail, one of America’s most popular hiking trails, had to be closed.

“This fire is a real disaster, and we are preparing for a fierce battle” in the coming days, – he said.

Thunderstorm forecasts with very hot, dry and windy weather should further complicate their task.

Very close to California, a fire also threatens the state’s electrical grid, and authorities want to prevent millions of people from sinking into darkness at all costs, as they did in previous years when the voltage was too low.

– Defective power lines –

Moreover, according to a preliminary investigation, the large Californian electricity supplier Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) is himself accused of causing the state’s large fire, Dixie Fire.

This electricity supplier has already pleaded guilty to causing the deadliest fire in recent California history due to faulty lines, very close to where the Dixie Fire is wreaking havoc.

Camp Fire nearly wiped out the small town of Paradise and killed 86 people.


San Francisco-based Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) has been accused for years of putting profit and its shareholders above public safety, with outdated facilities and repeated inability to maintain and clear its high-voltage lines.

The group is “collaborating in the investigation of the California fire” around the Dixie fire, the AFP group reported.

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