Americans spent $ 47 on average on SVOD in December 2020

The booster effect of confinement

Half of those polled said their household now subscribes to four or more streaming services. In April, that figure was 39%. In fact, 13% said they used up to seven or more services. The average number of subscriptions to streaming services is four, down from three in April.

This took the average monthly spending of streaming services from $ 38 in April to $ 47 in December 2020.

Netflix dominates, but the competition is on the rise

For those surveyed, Netflix remains the benchmark for SVOD services. More than three-quarters (81%) of those surveyed said they subscribed to Netflix, making it a broad leader. Netflix only has 0.10 user-cited streaming issues per hour, the lowest rate of any service.

Since April, Netflix’s market share has fallen by four points (85%), while five of its six closest competitors have all gained ground. Amazon Prime Video ranked second with 65% (vs. 66% in April), followed by Hulu with 56% (vs. 48%), Disney + at 47% (vs. 37%), YouTube TV at 20% (vs. 17%) ), HBO / HBO Max at 22% (vs. 13%) and Apple TV at 14% (vs. 10%). Peacock, at 18%, was not present in April. Peacock is also the site which encounters the greatest number of problems per hour of viewing (0.19).

Netflix is ​​wasting watching time

“The Mandalorian” was the most viewed show in December 2020 (7.3%). The “Star Wars” series, the second season of which ran from October 30 to December 18, is the only Disney + program among the best shows. Grey’s Anatomy (Netflix, Hulu), The Crown (Netflix), Shameless (Showtime) and The Queen’s Gambit (Netflix) round out the top 5.

“The Mandalorian” saved Disney viewing time: users spent 5.0 hours per week on Disney +, up from 4.8 in April (when the show was on hiatus). The only other time-saving streaming service is YouTube TV, which saw the biggest increase to 1.5 hours (10.0 hours from 8.5 hours). Netflix saw the biggest drop since spring, at 0.7 hours (9.5 hours from 10.2 hours.)

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