Amibot presents its robot vacuum cleaner with UV-C ray, the Pure Laser

Known for its robot vacuums and floor scrubbers, Amibot recently unveiled the Pure Laser, a robot able to neutralize bacteria and other viruses present on the floor thanks to UV-C technology.

Amibot is not at its first attempt when it comes to robot vacuums equipped with UV-C lamps. The manufacturer, who had inaugurated this technique on the Pure H2O model, has this time presented the Pure Laser which relies on the same germicidal system to eradicate microorganisms on the ground thanks to 4 UV-C LEDs integrated on the robot’s belly. .

Concretely, UV-C technology is able to destroy bacteria, viruses, yeasts or other fungi by modifying and breaking their RNA (or ribonucleic acid, a chemical compound present in many living beings). Viruses not only become inactive, but they no longer duplicate and are no longer contagious. These LEDs neutralize more than 99% of germs present on the ground, according to the manufacturer. This technology, effective enough to be used in hospitals, is however dangerous for the skin and eyes.

To limit the risks, Amibot has integrated sensors on the robot allowing the device to automatically stop as soon as it is lifted and turned over so that the user is never in contact with these LEDs.

In addition to this system, the Pure Laser is equipped with a laser rangefinder which allows it to map the room and analyze the obstacles in its path to avoid them as well as possible. The robot’s route can also be followed in real time via the dedicated application, Amibot Home. From this app, the user can also define virtual barriers, program suction time slots or even check the history of his robot’s passages.

The manufacturer promises “an ultra powerful motor, boosted by Pure Power technology”, which we will not fail to clarify when this vacuum cleaner passes through our hands. Last thing, an automatic mode engages the maximum power of the Amibot as soon as it detects a carpet or a carpet.

This robot is on sale on the manufacturer’s website and at web merchants for the price of € 250, which is a rather affordable price for this type of device.

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