Amid controversy, donation platform Tipeee reaffirms its positions

It is a true media campaign in which the co-founder of the crowdfunding platform Tipeee has been involved since last week. Since the September 2 broadcast of the documentary “Fake news, the money-making machine” on the France 2 program Complément d’études, Michaël Goldman has been on the grid.

Shocked by a statement from the latter that explains in the documentary that it assumes all the content of the site, “from the most anti-Semitic to the least anti-Semitic, and from the most conspiratorial to the least conspiratorial,” several YouTubers called. so that its subscribers leave Tipeee for another financing platform, in particular uTip.

A “shit storm” that could cost you 5% growth

The affair resulted in the departure of some creators and “tippers”, the community members who fund creators. But it is especially the reputation of the site that Michaël Goldman is concerned about.

“At worst, this year we are projecting a 10% growth in tip volume. It is likely that without these circumstances the growth would have been more like 15%,” he told L’Usine Digitale. “We are not worried, economically speaking. Only two creators of our top 100 and three of our top 200 have closed their page on Tipeee. Most of the creators who asked to use other platforms have kept their page on the site. We are not worried about the Tipeee’s future, but our common future. If the Internet only wants politicized platforms, it will be without us. “

apply the law, nothing more, nothing less

Michaël Goldman’s speech is legalistic. All projects funded in Tipeee are acceptable under the law. All projects that are legally reprehensible, even without a court decision, are excluded for moderation and cannot raise funds. Two employees, who also verify that the creators comply with the general conditions of the site (minimum age, original content, recurring and free access, etc.), are dedicated to this task.

Thus, the 15,000 active projects on the platform were reviewed. In cases where they have doubts, they seek the advice of a lawyer. Therefore, one or two projects are excluded each month, depending on the co-founder. “For Hold Up, it took us a month to finally position ourselves after actively working with our board of directors to find out whether or not there were clearly illegal statements as required by the LCEN Law,” recalls Michaël Goldman.

Against a “cynical politics dressed in morality”

For the rest, those responsible for the site believe that they do not have to decide on the eviction of content according to subjective criteria. “Our vision was caricatured. We were victims of the same thing that we wanted to denounce, that is to say, of the culture of cancellation. It is a very worrying phenomenon, as we see in the United States where the heads of start-ups decide who can speak or not. This system embodies a cynical economic policy, which consists of banning content that advertisers do not want to be associated with. Our position is to defend the French legal framework, and it is incredible that this has almost become a militant act! “regrets Michaël Goldman.

Tipeee allows content creators to do without advertising and does not depend on it. The platform, which generated a gross margin of almost € 450,000 in 2020 and has been profitable since 2017, is the # 1 source of income for most creators whose pages it hosts. The average one-time donation amounts to 14 euros and the recurring donation to 6 euros.

A main source of income for creators

“On average, they earn 20 times more money than advertising, which in addition to makeup tutorials and fun and fit content, does not allow them to earn a living from their activity. Crowdfunding is the main focus of development for creators. We can. see, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook have launched their own tool ”, says the co-founder.

Tipeee also seeks to integrate the new funding ecosystem of the creators of Twitter. The platform is also developing its activity dedicated to streamers, TipeeeStream, and is expanding in Italy, Germany and Spain. Tipeee claims to be a leader in the French market, well ahead of its competitors, which it estimates collects around ten times fewer donations.

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