Among the trolls: a new survival game from 505 Games

Among the trolls is a new game developed by Forbidden Studios, which employs former developers of blockbusters like Skyrim.

(Image credit: 505 Games)

During 505 Games’ very first promotional presentation available on Youtube, the publisher introduced Among the Trolls, a new action-adventure-style first-person survival game coming to Steam.

In Among the Trolls, the player will be able to choose either Alex or Anna when traveling to Finland from the US. Then our character will get to the isolated house of his grandparents, located in the depths of a mystical forest. We quickly realize that the house is abandoned before diving into a universe inspired by fantasy Norse mythology and childhood summer days spent with family.

The player will then have a mission to find the missing grandparents and learn how to survive in this new environment and the supernatural Finnish creatures that inhabit it. There will also be a magical attribute system among the trolls, allowing players to learn three different ancient arts of magic.

In the survival game, the player has to build, settle and survive in the forest using their abilities. Also, the player will have to make sacrifices to mythical creatures in order to get certain resources.

This new first-person survival game is being developed by Forbidden Studios, founded by industry veterans who have worked on games such as Skyrim and Fallout 4.

See the full presentation here.

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