Among Us: InnerSlot’s cult game arrives on PS4 and PS5

In 2020, mobile gaming was marked by a small two-year-old title: Among Us. Taking advantage of the effects of confinement, InnerSlot’s application without great ambitions has become a true global phenomenon sacred to best mobile game titles and best multiplayer game of the year at the last Game Awards. After arriving on Switch and announced for Xbox Series X and S, the game of social betrayal sets out to conquer the most popular video game console around, the PS5.

A game with half a billion active players

The story of Among Us is well established. More than a year of almost total anonymity before seducing gamers forced into confinement by hundreds of millions. The free app on iOS and Android has become the most popular video game of all time, attracting 500 million active players, according to research firm Nielsen. Given its huge success, it makes perfect sense that game console builders want it at all costs. Nintendo had taken the first step. In December, Microsoft announced the arrival of Among Us on Xbox Series for this year, something that has not yet been achieved.

Sony was to join this list of manufacturers sooner or later. It is now done. On the official PlayStation blog, the Japanese giant explains:

Initially, Among Us was an unpretentious local mobile game, and we are in awe of what it has become. We’re even more excited that it’s coming soon to PlayStation! What ?! We can’t wait for people to join your space crew… and for you to kick some of them out. With 4 playable maps, from Skeld to Airship, get ready for a good dose of fun and mayhem.

The operation will benefit both parties. On the one hand, Sony will have one more argument, and one sizeable, to attract more and more players. On the other hand, InnerSlot will benefit from the very large number of players on Japanese consoles. The PS4 has sold 115 million units since its launch. For its part, the PS5 continues to set new sales records despite the shortage of components that is hitting production hard. One thing is certain, the 500 million active players will be expected to increase significantly with this arrival of Among Us on PS5.

An unknown release date

For now, neither Sony nor InnerSlot has been keen to disclose the details of this release. We do not know the release date of Among Us on PS5 and PS4. Another big mystery, that of knowing if the game will be offered for free as on Android and iOS or if it will be paid. At Nintendo, we had chosen the paid option at an almost ridiculous price. Sony will she make the same strategic choice? Nothing is less sure. On the other hand, we know for sure that cross-play will be possible between the different platforms, unlike Battlfield Mobile. Case to follow !!!

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