AMP Robotics raises $ 55 million to deploy its waste sorting robot

The start-up AMP Robotics, based in Denver in the United States, has just completed a fundraising of 55 million dollars. The roundtable was led by XN with the participation of new investors Valor Equity Partners and GV and historical investors such as Sequoia Capital, Sidewalk Infrastructure Partners, Congruent Ventures and Closed Loop Partners.

This operation brings the total amount of funds raised by the company to 75 million dollars. AMP Robotics raised $ 16 million from Sequoia Capital in November 2019 during an initial funding round.

Develop new applications
Thanks to this second fundraising, the company wishes to expand its commercial activities and develop new applications in order to increase the recycling rate for its customers thanks to its automation technology. AMP Robotics is already present in North America, Europe and Asia, but does not communicate on its total number of customers.

Globally, more than 200 billion dollars of recyclable material goes unrecovered every year. Additionally, in recent years, the waste industry has faced more stringent international quality standards for contamination-free imports of recycled materials, leaving the industry to search for cost-effective alternatives to meet these requirements.

Automate waste management
To address these issues, AMP Robotics, founded in 2015 in Colorado, has developed two technologies whose objective is to automate waste management. Cortex is an autonomous robotic handling system capable of sorting materials with an accuracy of 99% thanks to Neuro, the technological second of the young shoot. This AI software uses computer vision to distinguish the different characteristics of the products to be sorted.

In practice, a three-arm machine installed on the conveyor belt of the recovery center is held in place by a steel frame. Thanks to an industrial camera coupled with Neuro software, the robot sorts objects very precisely while adapting to the design of packaging and changes in lighting.

All the data collected feeds AMP Insights, an online visualization tool that monitors sorting activity. Real-time SMS and email notifications keep managers on top of events, including equipment issues and potential hazards.

The software is able to sort metal, concrete …
AMP Robotics’ strength is the ability of its technology to sort not only metals, batteries, capacitors, plastics, circuit boards, wires, cartons, bottle caps, cups, lids, etc. aluminum but also materials of metal, mixed wood, bricks, concrete and mixed plastics. Recently, the start-up expanded its ability to identify recyclable materials such as polypropylene (a resin from the thermoplastic family), entering into an agreement with the food company Keurig Dr Pepper to support the introduction of K- pods. Recyclable cup.

AMP Robotics says that last April, its platform processed more than a billion recyclable materials in facilities in more than 20 US states. Which, according to the company, translates into a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of approximately 500,000 metric tonnes.

The company’s turnover increased by 50% in one year, following the signing of an agreement with the American company Waste Connections, specializing in household waste collection, for the deployment of 24 robots and the opening of a test center in Colorado.

The Covid-19 has shown the need to automate sorting
The Covid-19 pandemic has increased interest in automating waste management tasks tenfold. Indeed, to protect workers from contamination, many companies have been forced to suspend their recycling operations. At the same time, the crisis has increased demand for high quality recycled raw materials to overcome supply chain disruptions and changes in the availability of raw materials.

Faced with new challenges, AMP Robotics has launched a rental program, called “AMP Cortex Lease”, to make its technology accessible to companies in difficulty. The cheapest plan is $ 6,000 per month. The program also offers warranty, maintenance and service packages.

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