An Amazon delivery agency will be set up near Belfort

Amazon continues to expand in the territory. The American company plans to install a logistics platform near Belfort, which will cover an area of ​​nearly 10,000 m2. This is a so-called “last mile” delivery agency, where packages are delivered to end customers. This logistics base will be located at the Aeroparc de Fontaine, in the Greater Belfort area.

On the site, 80 permanent employees will be recruited to manage the platform, and 230 drivers of local companies will be indirectly employed, according to the president LR of Grand Belfort, and also mayor of Belfort, Damien Meslot, interviewed by AFP.

The elected official specifies having launched a project of “diversification” towards hydrogen and logistics in the territory, given its “geographical location”, in a cross-border area with Germany and Switzerland. The opposition continues, for its part, to call for a referendum on the issue.

A delivery agency scheduled for fall

“This local site is the result of 20 years of operational expertise, technological innovation and investments in Amazon transport infrastructure, in order to offer our customers fast and reliable deliveries,” said Ronan Bolé, France Amazon Logistics director, according to comments reported by France Bleu.

The logistics base should be operational in the fall. If Amazon formalizes the delivery agency, the group does not however confirm the establishment of a large distribution center project.

To restore its image, Amazon is investing and developing its network in France to meet customer demand and to support the thousands of small and medium-sized French companies that sell on the platform. At the beginning of May, Amazon announced the creation of an eighth distribution center in the metropolis of Metz, for which 1,000 permanent jobs are planned over the next three years. The American giant anticipates 14,500 employees on permanent contracts in France at the end of the year.

Another 76,000 m platform project2, the wearer of which is not officially known, would also be planned in the vicinity. According to the Factual Info media, it could also be an Amazon warehouse. The media unveiled, last December, the name of Amazon, badly redacted in an annex to the building permit. Asked at the end of last year on the expansion of the American giant on French soil, the general manager of Amazon France, Frédéric Duval, stressed at the microphone of Franceinfo the importance of “(build) and (launch) sites to support French companies, since they use more than half of the shipping capacity that we have ”.

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