An effective English recipe for deconfining


In late April, the British government announced that it was working on a digital vaccination passport to allow its citizens to travel the world this summer.

The passport will be based on the existing National Health Service application (the name of the UK health network), which is already in use for making appointments. This will allow travelers to show that they have been vaccinated or tested negative for COVID-19.

The government also plans to check the vaccine passport to see if crowds can gather again in stadiums, theaters and nightclubs.

In mid-April, the BBC asked a question that probably worries many Britons: Will a vaccination passport be mandatory for visiting a pub? Answer: There is currently no government obligation, but it will be legal for businesses to require proof of a vaccine as long as they do not violate anti-discrimination laws.

“When considering a vaccination passport in the world, two things really do take into account:“ Will it be used for international travel or for domestic freedoms? “- sums up Emily Cameron-Blake from the University of Oxford. …

In Quebec, Health Minister Christian Dubet said in late February that his ministry is working on digital proof of vaccination.

“It is obvious that this needs to be done,” the minister said. For me, a digital passport for a vaccine is normal. ” Since then, Mr. Dubet has been criticized for his zeal. Voices have been raised, especially in the Québec solidaire, to address the ethical issues of this measure in the first place.

Public Health Quebec will submit a vaccination passport recommendation to the Quebec government. “One of the dangers is that we say, ‘Here we are vaccinated and then everything, we can go for free for everyone,’ said National Director of Public Health, Dr Horatio Arruda, after Minister Dubé’s statement.

Professor at the Faculty of Administration at the University of Laval and researcher in public health and health best practices at the CHU de Québec Research Center, Maud LaBerge believes that the vaccine passport and the increased use of rapid tests will help accelerate deconfinement.

These two measures “will allow us to more quickly and safely perform actions that we would not otherwise have to do before we achieve herd immunity,” says Ms LaBerge.

On Thursday, the Quebec government confirmed that an electronic code will soon be sent to vaccinated people. But at this point, there is no doubt that this proof of a vaccine is required to go to a restaurant or to a festival. “We have not reached the goal yet,” Minister Dubet said.

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