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In the latest issue of Amazing Spider-Man, it was revealed that Marvel-corrupted Ben Reilly is plotting his brutal revenge on Peter Parker.

In Marvel Comics’ latest issue of The Amazing Spider-Man, Peter Parker’s corrupted clone Ben Reilly seeks dark revenge, intent on stealing the very soul of the original Webslinger. After a brief period of Ben being the official Spider-Man in the Spider-Man Beyond storyline, Ben Reilly emerged from the event grimly altered, donning a new costume and taking on the name Abyss. Now, Ben has teamed up with another despised Marvel Universe clone who has agreed to help the former Scarlet Spider get everything he thinks he owes.

Previously, Ben Reilly was the official Spider-Man sponsored by Beyond Corporation while Peter was in the hospital. However, the sinister rulers of Outland continued to manipulate Ben’s memories to make him more docile. Seeing that his memories were already fragile enough, like copies of Peter’s memories, Ben was completely compromised to the point where he couldn’t even remember Uncle Ben’s face or his iconic words of power and responsibility. Likewise, she was led to believe that Peter was responsible for all her pain and loss and that he simply didn’t want to share her memories. Combined with falling into a vat of psychoactive slime, Ben has been transformed into Abyss, an extremely dark version of Ben who is now determined to restore Peter’s memories and seek revenge.

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Now Zeb Wells’ new Amazing Spider-Man #14 and the Marvel Artist Collection reveal everything Ben has planned over the past year (each season represents a different art style). In the spring, Ben steals Beyond’s technology and his girlfriend Janine agrees to help him regain his memories of the original Spider-Man. During the summer, Abyss builds a portal to Limbo, where he meets Madelyne Pryor, the Goblin Queen and X-Men clone Jean Grey. Considering each other to be kindred spirits, Ben and Madeleine agree to join forces. While Fall sees Madeline turn Janine into a new villain on Halloween’s eve, Zima sees the Goblin Queen devising a way to take and absorb souls (including her memories). As such, it’s only a matter of time before Chezm fights Spider-Man to claim his own.

Ben Reilly was really messed up as a Spider-Man clone

It’s no secret that Ben Reilly’s life was tragic. However, the mockery of Chasm and Beyond made matters worse. Now the only memories he can cling to are filled with darkness and pain. As the Scarlet Spider, and even in those rare moments when he played Spider-Man, Ben Reilly was a real hero, whom Peter considers his brother. However, this issue proves just how corrupt he has become by actually taking on the role of an all-new Spider-Man villain.

With the same abilities as OG Spider-Man, Chasm is sure to be a force to be reckoned with. However, he also has an army of demons thanks to Madelyne as they gear up for the upcoming Marvel Dark Web crossover. While the chances are slim, we hope that Peter Parker’s Spider-Man can find a way to redeem Ben in future issues. The Amazing Spider-Man #14 went on sale from Marvel Comic.

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