An extremely ambitious project by the studio to which we owe the game 17/20, it promises!

Game news An extremely ambitious project by the studio to which we owe the game 17/20, it promises!

Published on 18.03.2023 at 16:52

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Techland, the creators of Dying Light and its sequel, have announced that they are working on an ambitious new project. This time, instead of betting on another zombie game, the studio would like to launch an attack on a completely different genre.

New Techland project.

Two days ago, Techland shared the first details of their new project. The Polish studio, known for the first Dead Island, Dying Light and its sequel Dying Light 2: Stay Human, must bet on its know-how to offer a new open-world experience, but this time ditching the zombies.

At the moment, a few details are known. The studio is talking about an open-world game and should mark Techland’s first foray into the fantasy world. According to the first concept art released by the studio, this new game, as yet untitled, should offer parkour like two opuses of the Dying Light license. As stated by Techland, the title is meant to “combine and enhance the best aspects of gameplay” from their team’s latest apps.

Very mysterious game

Apart from the previously mentioned details, the studio did not provide any further information. No release date yet, no title, no platform… for now, we can just assume this title will be AAA like its predecessors and hope to be released on current generation machines. So we’ll have to wait until Techland reveals more.

In the meantime, the studio should be currently working on additional content for Dying Light 2. The first story DLC for the software called Blood Ties is already available. A second DLC is due to follow later this year, “more substantial” than the previous one.

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