An incredible discovery in this abandoned house – hundreds of games still packed! | Geek diary

It is a beautiful story that will undoubtedly awaken vocations. Two YouTubers came across a real treasure while searching an abandoned house: thousands of video games still packaged!

Aimee and Korbin, the duo behind the YouTube channel Cheap Finds Gold Mines, are treasure hunters who often find pearls in thrift stores. They did not expect the adventure that Stephanie, whose uncle had owned a house since 1965. The latter, who fell ill in 2019, moved out, leaving the house abandoned.

Treasure fishing

A few weeks ago, Stephanie began cleaning the house, picking up any valuables that might be in there, before its scheduled demolition. This is where Aimee and Korbin come in, called to the rescue to clean up. It turns out that twenty years ago, the ex-owner, traumatized by the loss of a loved one, began compulsively collecting everything he could find around his passion for video games.

An incredible amount of cartridges and game CDs were hidden in the very dilapidated house. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, F-Zero GX, Drakengard, hundreds of games still packaged, among others whose packaging had been removed, all for the GameCube, PlayStation 2 or even Xbox 360. The duo also unearthed a Resident Evil 4 controller similar to a chainsaw, videotapes, magazines …

Aimee and Korbin, who shot three videos of this adventure, estimate the value of their finds at around $ 100,000, a sum they will share with eight other distributors. Enough so that you want to visit the attic of the family home. Know that games that are still packaged can be worth a fortune – a Super Mario Bros cartridge has skyrocketed to $ 2 million this summer!

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