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To understand the origin of this symbol, we must go back to October 2021, when NBC Sports journalist Kelly Stavast interviewed Brandon Brown, the winner of the race. Sparks 300 in the NASCAR category at Talladega Speedway in Alabama.

Among the crowd were fans of Donald Trump from the MAGA movement (Make America Great Again) who shouted Fuck Joe Bidenan unequivocal insult to the American president, but which, for acoustic or other reasons, was interpreted by the journalist as Let’s go Brandonpromotion for NASCAR driver.

The phrase “Let’s go, Brandon” has become the slogan of Trump supporters.

Photo: dpa via getty images / PATRICK T. FALLON

Formula Let’s go Brandon it then went viral among Trump soldiers, who used it as a battle cry on social media. Then came all sorts of derivative products: t-shirts, stickers, banners to put up in front of the houses of Trump supporters… Everything went there.

Tweet from Gov. Gregg Abbott.

Texas Gov. Gregg Abbott used the phrase “Let’s Go Brandon” to directly attack Joe Biden’s record.

Photo: frame from Twitter

In December 2021, during NORAD’s traditional tracking of Santa’s journey, one of the children’s parents, who managed to get a short live phone call with Joe Biden, ended his call Merry Christmas and let’s go Brandon. An eye for an eye, the President replied: Come on, Brandon, I agree.

Gradual Democratic Recovery

Tenant 1600, Pennsylvania Avenue Thus, he became aware of the killer phrase and a few months later decided to use it ironically during the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Republicans seem to support a guy named Brandon. He’s having a really good year, I’m very happy for him.

The Democrats really tried to get Brandon back with their own Thanks Brandon.! highlight the accomplishments of the Biden administration a few months ago, with little success.

Dark MAGA movement logo.

The #DarkMAGA movement is calling for an even bolder, more right-wing campaign for a possible third Donald Trump presidential campaign.

Photo: Capture on Twitter

Meanwhile, MAGA of all stripes took out the hashtag #DarkMAGA who pleaded for an even more daring and uninhibited (if possible) Donald Trump to launch his 2024 presidential campaign. As for the hashtag #DarkBrandonRepublicans have used this image of Biden against a dark and dramatic, almost demonic backdrop to highlight his perceived decrepitude and lack of skill.

Chinese origin?

For some, this image of an evil Biden originated in May 2021 in artist Yang Quan’s drawings of him as a warlord with fiery eyes. At the time, these cartoons were used as Chinese anti-Biden propaganda.

Let's go Dark Brandon t-shirt.

Democrats, encouraged by the legislative achievements of the White House, appropriated Dark Brandon.

Photo: Capture on Twitter

But the internet is what it is, Biden supporters have finally found a way to fend off the insults and get the meme back for the benefit of their leader. So was born them Darth Brandon for the super-powerful, manly and assertive Biden.

It must be said that the succession of achievements and successes of Democrats in Congress also inspired them and released inspiration.

A more optimistic democratic current

Project transition fromInflation Reduction Act – which contained pro-environmental measures – the creation of a bipartisan law chips law, which offers incentives for semiconductor companies on American soil, the assassination of a CIA al-Qaeda leader, unemployment at its lowest level in 50 years, and the price of a gallon of gasoline that has fallen below the $4 threshold…

So many victories that slightly restore the Democratic coat of arms two months before the November 8 midterm elections. Biden, the evil villain, has thus become the multi-dimensional ruler of the political spectrum, according to progressives who use Darth Brandon.

A meme that became official?

Photomontage of Joe Biden's head on Batman's body.

Some Democratic supporters are unrestrainedly inspired by Dark Brandon.

Photo: Capture on Twitter

The fact that creative supporters use this meme in any sauce up to a certain point gives it importance. Just search Twitter with the hashtag #darkbrandon get an idea of ​​the creative flights of some. Dark Brandon risesregarding Batman, malaria [foutaise] will endone of Biden’s favorite words… Their inspiration is unstoppable.

But another step was taken when politicians and those close to the White House formalized Darth Brandon in your social media posts.

Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy used it, as did Andrew Bates, Deputy White House Press Secretary, who wrote: Darth Brandon crushed him (Darth Brandon succeeded brilliantly).

Nira Tanden, White House Secretary of Staff, added: Lasers coming out of Joe Biden’s eyes represent the administration’s official stanceadding a little later that she was just joking.

Finally, Rob Flaherty, director of digital strategy for the White House, also used an image with eyes firing lasers.

A Twitter post showing Joe Biden with lasers in his eyes.

More formal Democratic voices such as Andrew Bates, Deputy White House Press Secretary, have been tweeting versions of Dark Brandon to justify the White House’s legislative successes.

Photo: Snapshot from Twitter

Apparently, Joe Biden, who isn’t particularly active on social media (in order to stand out from his predecessor), is aware of this #darkbrandon and will love it.

Too dark for Republicans

Of course, Republicans are far from finding this meme amusing. According to Politico, Republican National Committee spokesperson Emma Wong talked about rescuing Chinese propaganda to celebrate tax hikes during the recession and giving away billions of dollars in electric cars with parts made in China. All in all, some would say…

The crimson background of Joe Biden's speech last week was interpreted by pro-Trump conservatives as associated with extreme rhetoric.

The crimson backdrop against which Joe Biden delivered his speech last week has been interpreted by Trump supporters as associated with extreme rhetoric.

Photo: Capture on Twitter

Joe Biden’s fiery speech against Trump’s extreme supporters, those famous MAGAs, deeply angered conservatives of all stripes. Denouncing the divisive tone, but also speaking of extreme partisanship on the part of the Democrat, these Republicans were even outraged by the dark red lighting against the dark background, where they see Nazi symbols and extremist rhetoric.

Persistent memes that sow confusion?

The fact of restoring this Darth Brandon, originally created by a more extremist conservative current, is rather rare in internet culture anyway. Ironically, to serve more progressive values ​​is interesting in many ways. But the risk of someone associating it with a far-right ideology at its core could give the impression of a blending of genres.

Dark Brandon is a meme created by anti-Biden conservatives that was co-opted by the Democrats.

Dark Brandon is a meme created by anti-Biden conservatives that was co-opted by the Democrats.

Photo: Snapshot from Twitter

The fact remains that even in this internet culture, when a meme is used by more officials, the purists are already talking about the death of the meme because it loses its edge.

A bit like when your parents and grandparents created Facebook profiles, which made the social network mainstream, or main stream, how we speak English. Darth Brandon Will it last until the midterm elections for Democrats to use it for their own purposes? Nothing less confident. One day at the top of social networks, but perhaps the next day is swept away by another ephemeral formula…

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