Analysts Say 2022 Will Be “Defined By Agility And Profitability” Rather Than “Blockchain Purity” | Cryptocurrency

In addition to the price of BTC reaching $ 100,000, analysts expect the cryptocurrency market to turn towards “cost efficiency” and “agility” in 2022.

The entire cryptocurrency market has made great strides towards mass adoption in 2021 and now that the year is almost over, analysts are setting their price targets for 2022.

Many analysts have supported requests for a price of $ 100,000 (BTC) before the end of 2021 and, although it seems unlikely, most investors expect the key price to be reached before the second quarter of 2022.

Here’s a look at some of the Bitcoin price predictions that analysts are expecting in 2022.

Bitcoin is still on track to break above $ 100,000

Analysts are more reluctant to provide Bitcoin predictions out of nowhere, as PlanB’s stock flow model incorrectly predicted a BTC price of $ 98,000 by the end of November, even though the model had been perfect from August to October.

While some traders now question the validity of the stock stream price model, crypto analyst and pseudonymous Twitter user ‘DecodeJar’ still see that BTC will exceed the price by $ 100,000 over the next few months and according to the analyst, the price could climb to $ 250,000 by the end of 2022.

As the above tweet shows, DecodeJar sees that Bitcoin will hit a “conservative price target” of $ 190,233 by June 7 based on the Elliot Wave extensions and Fibonacci retracement levels.

In a follow-up tweet, DecodeJar warned that:

Future price and time projections are only a guide, but combining this range with other indicators as we get closer can allow for a clear exit to the top. I prefer the more conservative end of the ~ $ 190,000 scale.

Regulations arrive in 2022

David Lifchitz, Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer at ExoAlpha, mentioned a look into the future of the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem, who said that “cryptocurrencies will still be here in 2022” in the sense that “governments will not ban them.”

Instead, Lifchitz suggested that they “want to regulate them to keep cryptocurrencies on a leash against fiat currencies and also see them as a source of taxable income to replenish their coffers.”

As the DeFi ecosystem continues to grow and develop new capabilities, Lifchitz predicted that banks and insurance companies will be forced to adapt their business models to remain competitive, while “intermediary companies are at higher risk because they are licensed to do so. DeFi. ”

Regarding the frenzy that the NFT space has been, Lifchitz expressed reservations about the industry’s ability to continue its meteoric growth rate and addressed some of the deeper concerns regulators may have going forward.

Lifchitz said:

It’s so hot that you can’t help but wonder if they’re not being used for money laundering … I know there’s so much money out there thanks to central banks having to find an approach, but NFTs in 2021 remind me of the era in mid-1998, there is still room for a parabolic price boom and then a crash.

Regarding the hype around the emerging metaverse, Lifchitz said that while it looks like we’re heading into a future that might look like scenes from the movie Ready Player One “where people take refuge in a virtual world as their real world is terrible. “, our world is still” years away “.

Mass adoption ready to go

Despite signs of short-term weakness, Loukas Lagoudis, CEO of crypto and digital asset hedge fund ARK36, “strongly believes that the overall uptrend in the crypto market will continue into 2022.”

Lagoudis suggested that “the continued adoption of digital assets by institutional investors and their further integration into existing financial systems will be the main drivers of the growth of the crypto space over the next year” as institutions were seen as starting to favor ” digital assets over gold as a reserve asset ”during the year 2021.

Lagoudis a dit,

Additionally, as digital assets have consistently outperformed traditional asset classes, we expect investors to see digital asset allocation as part of their risk management strategy, especially given the environment, the increasingly inflationary economy, and the downturn. of bond yields.

According to Jean-Marc Bonnefous, Head of Asset Management at Tellurian ExoAlpha, he suggested that “the trend seems to favor blockchains that focus on performance, dApp development and are a bit more centralized.”

Bonnefous saithis represents a significant change from past trends that were more focused on projects “focused on security, storage of value and that are more decentralized like BTC and even Ether.”

Bonnefous said:

Basically, the market seems to favor business agility and profitability over blockchain purity, a big change from previous years. This trade that gains in relative value is expected to continue next year.

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