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Web3 is a new variant of the WWW that includes concepts such as decentralization, blockchain technologies, and a token-based economy. S3022

NFT Biarritz

NFT Biarritz is the first NFT conference to offer hands-on workshops: you will have the opportunity to learn how to buy and create NFTs with the help of experts. There are also panels and keynotes to best highlight the main and current topics of NFT and web3. NFT Biarritz is for everyone who is directly or indirectly interested in blockchain, cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Round tables will be organized on many topics:

  • How Web3 can transform the sports industry
  • Examples of NFT application in real life
  • NFT at the service of legal
  • Are NFTs and events compatible?
  • Problems and solutions of decentralization


Sorare Android Beta

Sorare has just announced that the beta testing of the Sorare Android app will start in August and they need your help! If you would like to apply to become a beta tester, please submit an application. Once the beta is available, selected managers will receive an email with installation instructions and provide feedback. We expect the Android app to be available to all selected beta testers in August.

Two new Web3 backgrounds

Venture firm Variant has raised $450 million in two new funds aimed at the beleaguered web3 and decentralized finance market. Variant’s portfolio includes a wide range of businesses in the crypto space, including NFT platforms such as Magic Eden, decentralized lending platform Goldfinch, and decentralized exchange Uniswap. The two new funds will have mandates whose breadth reflects Variant’s investment history, with the company noting in press materials that it will look at four specific categories of investment opportunities: decentralized finance, blockchain infrastructure, Web3 consumer applications, and projects experimenting with new forms of ownership. .

Block Research, venture capital funding in the blockchain sector, will decline by about 22% in the second quarter of this year from $12.5 billion in the previous quarter to $9.8 billion.

Tezos Developer Portal

Find the resources and building blocks you need to build a decentralized application with Tezos and be part of a growing ecosystem of teams reinventing everything from art to finance. Dapps work by executing commands written in a smart contract, the resources in the portal will allow you to create smart contracts and how they work. All functions available in Tezos can be written in any of the high-level languages ​​used to write smart contracts, such as Archetype, LIGO, and SmartPy.

$1 Billion Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains was founded in 2018 with the goal of providing every person on the planet with a user-owned digital identity. Historically, people have built their online identity around Web2 companies that use people’s data for profit. He believes that NFT domains can change that by providing an infrastructure that allows users to own their reputation and data and make it portable on the Internet3. They announced that they have closed $65 million in Series A funding for a $1 billion post investment valuation in a round led by Pantera Capital.

They have registered 2.5 million domains that people can now use to sign in to over 300 integrations. Today, people can use their domains to sign in to over 150 Web3 applications, replace cryptocurrency wallet long addresses on over 80 wallets and exchanges, build decentralized websites, and shape their Web3 identity.

Drop, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

In partnership with the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, theCollection offers a unique opportunity to collect 24 digital lithographs of rare pastels. Compiled from Boston’s renowned MFA Impressionist collection, the capsule exhibition features works by Auguste Renoir, Edgar Degas, Claude Monet and more. This sale features two works by Jean-Francois Millet and Auguste Renoir. Auguste Renoir’s Mademoiselle Dieterle (unknown) sold for 399 euros, and Jean-Francois Millet’s Two Men Returning the Land (1866) sold for 249 euros at a public auction.

Spirits in NFT?

The cosmetics brand, recently confirmed to be acquired by the Spanish group PUIG, has announced that it is working on a new concept aimed at expanding its brand universe into the digital ecosystem. To do this, the brand, founded by Ben Gorham, has teamed up with digital art studio RTFKT, which Nike acquired last December, to work on a collaborative project called ALPHAMETA. Basically, the concept will be based on 26 digital components. Supposed to represent emotions, they are meant to be assembled to create new flavors that will eventually be minted as non-fungible tokens and materialized into physical spirits. Note that bottles of IRL sold as numbered limited editions will include an NFC chip that will be paired with the corresponding NFT: it can then be worn by RTFKT Clone X avatars like an “aura”, a digital awakening that induces an attitude.


What is the first Art NFT created on Ethereum?

According to NFT historian Adam McBride, they are six weeks older than CryptoPunks. May 9, 2017 Curio Cards is a collection of 30 cards from seven artists that heralded the NFT art boom in 2021. It was the first project to use IPFS – Curio Cards was an experiment in the idea that artists could directly control and benefit. from their work through NFT. Then a visionary idea that we take for granted today.

BNV World Fashion-Metaverse

BNV World is the new fashion metaverse, the social hub for all things fashion culture, private showrooms, virtual portals, physical experiences and opportunities…

On Wednesday, July 20, as part of the Metaverse event and EthCC conference taking place in Paris, France, Brand New Vision (BNV) threw a party in the physical world. The evening was an opportunity to showcase the magnificent collections created over the past year with the participation of various designer brands such as Ahluwalia, AVAVAV, Jack Irving, Mishka, Phoenix Rising, Francis de Lara. What better way to celebrate fashion’s influence on the metaverse than the fashion capital and one of the key centers of the blockchain industry. Over the past few years, Paris has established himself as a leader in all areas of future technology, especially when it comes to the creativity that flows into Web3.

Over the next few months, BNV will continue to expand its presence in the field of physical experience through activities that blur the line between what is “real” and what is in the metaverse. There will be experiences like this:

  • NFT Scavenger Hunts spread across metaverse lands and real world locations
  • Dress high-ranking PFPs in designer clothes and bring them to life with full avatars.
  • Realistic projections using hologram technology
  • Reinvent the store
  • To be able to explore the possibilities that augmented and virtual reality helmets will have for the manifestation of the metaverse in the physical world.

Billy, NFT ticket

Created in April 2022, Billy aims to optimize the user journey in the event realm. The startup offers a ticketing platform based on blockchain and NFT, which, among other things, makes the purchase and customer experience more fun before, during and after the physical show. Tickets are created in NFT form, which completely replaces paper or digital formats such as PDFs. The startup, whose innovative ticketing system aims to strengthen community engagement with artists and other event organizers, has already rolled out its solution for three summer events.


ConsenSys, start TURN

TURN is the industry’s first NFT to introduce services such as Diligence’s smart contract audit services. TURN allows customers to purchase an audit without waiting in a huge queue for 6-9 months. This is the first step towards eliminating the audit bottleneck in our ecosystem. Each TURN is an ERC721 compliant token which represents 40 hours of time during which an audit can be granted. TURN tokens, which will be awarded directly to clients or sold at the time of minting, can be traded secondarily between clients who require audit services and therefore enable optimal service pricing and planning processes. Each of them represents a span of time for the listener of the smart contract, and they allow the free market to evaluate it.

Blockchain is transparent and stores all transactions

One of the main attractions of the blockchain is that it is a public document. Anyone, anywhere can view every cryptocurrency transaction on the blockchain. Etherscan is the most popular BlockExplorer for the Ethereum blockchain. Meanwhile, many NFT collections artificially inflate the floor price by purchasing their NFTs themselves. Snitch developed a blockchain scanner to showcase their technology, which they combined to scan the 100 largest Opensea collections. Metabillionaire collection example, Clone X

Blockscan Chat

A beta messenger platform that allows users to easily and instantly send wallet-to-wallet messages, powered by the Log-in With Ethereum platform, supports multiple devices. Blockscan Chat (created by Etherscan) runs on their servers and messages are not sent to any block chain. There is also no guarantee that the recipient will see or respond to your message. To connect, you must identify yourself with one of his wallets, then he will ask you for the address of the wallet you want to exchange with – this can be very practical, for example, before buying an NFT!

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