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There are times when we love a movie so much that we can’t wait for it to become a TV series one day, and vice versa. For fans of the much-loved British television series, Luthers’ dream is coming true with the upcoming release of the feature film Luther: Fallen Sun. However, in such projects there is always a danger of choosing the wrong person for key roles. Idris Elbe returns to his role as titular troubled detective Luther. However, the question remained as to who might be at the center of his wrath, and that villain would be played by Lord of the Rings actor Andy Serkis, who teased his villain persona and how he does it before the film’s release. sees.

Elba’s Luther has faced some memorable villains over the course of five seasons, but for a standalone movie, we’re going to need a truly iconic and sinister character. In Fallen Star, that villain will be millionaire David Robie. Robie had already made contact with Luther, but he continued unhindered, although this time it might have been different. Robi is a millionaire who uses society’s fear of our own technology to spy on us, and in addition to exploring the potential of the dark web, Robi uses technology to covertly collect malicious information about people with the intent to sing for his own benefit. Serkis describes the character as one of the darkest he has ever played.

In an interview with Total Film, Serkis revealed that his first exposure to the script gave him goosebumps and called it “dark”. “When I first read the script, I almost felt like throwing it in the trash and taking a shower,” Serkis said. “I don’t think I’ve come across something this dark in a long time. And I thought to myself: “In fact, do I really want to descend to this point in this point of the world, in time and in my life? rabbit hole of something that is so hard to understand in humanity? “”

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Serkis is no stranger to playing villainous characters: the actor reprized the role of Smeagol in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Where Sméagol was looking for the Ring just for company, Robie is looking for dirty little secrets to make people obey. “If you and I had a big secret that we don’t want anyone to know, he likes the idea that he can say, ‘I know what it is. Come and do it for me,” Elba tells Total Film about Roby.

Along with Elba and Serkis, the film also stars Cynthia Erivo and Dermot Crowley. Jamie Payne is directing from a script by franchise writer Neil Croix. The feature film is being produced by the team of Pierre Chernin, Garniture Jenno, David PrêtCroix and Elbe.

Luther: Fallen Sun will premiere in March 2023 on Netflix. Watch the trailer for the fifth season below:

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