Angry West shows off its cooperative side in new trailer

First scheduled for the start of the school year, and then moved to the end of November, Evil West regularly talks about its mechanics. He first released a big gameplay video in September, before the press turned to him for a demo bend, which also quite enticed us. Now, for the first time, cooperation is emphasized.

America, together

Evil West is a third-person adventure game with a distinct focus on storytelling that lets you explore the story with two people. Even though it can be played completely alone (and is designed for solo play), the game will still let you play together to hunt the monster. You can then go through one or more missions together, or even better, go through the whole story together if you so desire.

We imagine we’ll have to see a controller in hand to balance things out, but we can already see some great combos in this new trailer. We can find out all this on November 22, when Evil West will be released on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series.

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