Animal Crossing New Horizons: road and aisle patterns to ask, the best patterns to download

Looking for patterns of roads and alleys to trace paths in Animal Crossing New Horizons while waiting to really unlock road construction? Discover our selection of patterns and QR Codes of floors to ask to start drawing the paths of your island now thanks to the best patterns to download in our guide to Animal Crossing New Horizons.

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, you can create and share patterns via online applications generating QR codes, but you can also obtain patterns using the terminal of the Soeurs Doigts de Fées store once it is unlocked. with the NPC Layette. In this case, no need to scan QR Code via the Nook Link and the Nintendo Switch Online smartphone app, it’s even easier: you just have to enter the codes of these creators in the terminal to obtain these grounds directly. In any case, discover our selection of QR Codes and codes creating road and aisle patterns for Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Paved road

Piper Ellingson-Vucelick – Pinterest

Rocky path

via reddit

Flowery path

via reddit

Pink brick road

via Custom Crossing

Rounded pavements

Orange road and borders

via reddit

Plank path

via reddit

Bricks and pink flowers

RedBeans – Pinterest

Perpendicular bricks

via Twitter

White stones

Feel free to search social networks to find other patterns of roads and aisles to download, or create your own and share them on our Animal Crossing New Horizons forum!

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