Anime for Kaiju #8 Coming soon

We’ll be brief because they were stingy with information! On the occasion of Crunchyroll Expo, an adaptation of the popular manga Jump + Kaiju #8 was announced.

No date, images, the team accompanies a short teaser, consisting of black-and-white images of the Tokyo film sets, balanced in editing. They tried a color image suggesting a kaiju attack at some point, but it’s so fast you’ll have to keep a close eye on it so you don’t miss it. We just know that Toho is in the production somewhere.

In anticipation of this adaptation, we remind you that you can find Naoya Matsumoto’s manga on Kazé/Crunchyroll. The story of Kaiju #8 is always the story of a thirty-year-old boy who dreams of protecting humanity so he can do like his childhood friend and smash giant monsters with a shovel, but who is too bad to pass the exam. But this time, although he can transform into a kaiju, maybe he will succeed.

We already have 5 volumes, 7 in Japan.

Damien Hilaire is a freelance writer for IGN France. His hobbies are Godzilla, giant robots and anime. When he’s not building models, he’s flooding the web with his reads and views here: Twitter.

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