Announced DLC for The Ascent

On August 18th, Swedish independent studio Neon Giant will release Cyber ​​Heist, an expansion pack for The Ascent. The Ascent: Cyber ​​Heist takes place after the main story of the base game and is available to those who have completed the main campaign and wish to accept a new contract for a top-secret mission. Continue the story alone or with friends in a range of exciting new main missions and side quests. Players can blast or smash their way with brand new weapons, including advanced melee weapons, to a new location that has never been explored before.

In Cyber ​​Heist, Kira, your old employer, has a new top-secret job, and as a new independent contractor, how could you say no? Travel beyond your familiar arcology to a brand new arcology owned by the Malhorst-Gelb group. There are revolutionary new technologies ready to be used, but you are not the only one looking for a reward.

Solo or co-op with friends, take on challenging new missions, explore brand new locations, fight new enemies, and discover new ways to fight with melee weapons!

CONTINUE THE STORIES – SINGLE OR CO-OP: Ascent: Cyber ​​Heist can be accessed once you complete the main game campaign. Grab your friends to complete this challenging new contract. Has your team caught up with you yet? No problem, as long as you, as the organizer, have completed the main campaign, your team can join in and help! (We know you’ll still be wearing them…)

NEW WEAPONS: Speaking of vehicles, experience brand new weapons including, for the first time in The Ascent, melee weapons! So now you can get close to the new Rock Crusher and Guillotine!

NEW WORLDWIDE LOCATIONS: Discover and explore a brand new arcology owned by the Malhorst-Gelb group with breathtaking new locations and environments.

NEW MAIN AND SIDE QUESTS: Continue the story of The Ascent with challenging new main and side quests. Meet colorful new characters like Ontario and Zell and fight new enemies.

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