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Until now, only PC players could enjoy this Trackmania. Ubisoft confirms adaptation on consoles and cloud gaming platforms by 2023.

If you enjoy online arcade racing full of tracks created by the team as well as the community, you’ve no doubt heard of Trackmania. After PC players, players on PS5, XSX/S, PS4/Pro, Xbox One/X, Stadia and Luna will be able to experience these wild races in early 2023.

These new versions will integrate cross-play and cross-progress. You will be able to fight with pilots from other platforms, as well as play on different machines and save your progress.

In addition, players on consoles and in the cloud will not have to start from scratch, as they will have access to all circuits created by the PC community for 2 years. Thus, approximately 280,000 channels will be available from launch. If you have a creative soul, the circuit editor will also be available in these new versions with thousands of blocks to create your own circuits and share them with the community.

Trackmania on consoles and the cloud will remain free-to-play and offer a variety of game modes with official seasonal campaigns added every three months. Premium access, of course paid, will give you access to more social and community features, such as Trackmania Clubs, where members can share their car customizations, set up private rooms, and create campaigns and competitions.

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Trackmania will also soon introduce a new feature that will display changing vehicle skins based on your driving skills and your achievements. The team will also add 150 new blocks and objects to the schematic editor during the console and cloud release.

Trackmania will release on PS5, XSX/S, PS4/Pro, Xbox One/X, Stadia and Luna in early 2023. It’s already available on PC.

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