Announcement: The FIFAe World Cup will be held in London from August 6 to 8, 2021 with € 500,000 in CashPrice

Who will succeed ” MoAuba“, winner of the 2019 FIFA eWorld Cup? (illustration photo)

To find out, it will be necessary to follow the 2021 edition whose announcement of the event has just been made on FIFAe’s Twitter:

To qualify, the best players in the world will first have to win the regional playoffs of the current FIFA21 Global Series, which will crown the best participants from each region.

They will then be only 32 to compete in London and only one can hope to be voted the best player in the world with a cash prize of € 250,000.

The tournament will therefore take place in London face-to-face from August 4 to 6, 2021 and access to the finals will be through 4 pools of 8 players, the best 4 of which will come out.

For each match, one part will then be done on PlayStation then the other on Xbox, successively.

An encouraging announcement for the world of eSports with this resumption of competition in a traditional format.

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