Annoyed by Elon Musk, these Tesla customers are changing their electric car

Elon Musk’s Twitter behavior continues to negatively impact Tesla. Buyers explain how the brand’s most famous face pushed them to switch to an electric car.

We recently drew a parallel between Tesla’s stock market difficulties and Elon Musk’s. Since taking over the social network Twitter, the billionaire has made many decisions that have weakened the platform.

Operational and technical layoffs, a payroll system stipulated by tweets inserted by writer Stephen King (!), decisions about the firm made by public poll, the expulsion of journalists while he advocates free speech, the publication of “memes”, conspiracies and anti-vaxes: Musk has done everything this is in a few weeks.

He also admitted that he “shot himself in both legs” in this way. However, he is not going to change… after he conducted a survey of his 125 million subscribers.

For many Tesla users, this has been too much for several weeks now. The insider did collect testimonies from several electric vehicle owners who left the ship.

“Elon had a good reason to buy a car,” explains Bob Perkowitz. This American describes himself as a “fan” of Tesla. Having reserved his first Model S in 2009, he bought it in 2012 and upgraded to the 2017 version.

But he proved unprepared when he saw Musk’s remarks, which he describes as far-right, and chose to drop the accusations when he was about to place an order for the 2022 Model S. He had a big mark. It’s not a big brand anymore. »

“He told everyone that he wanted to be apolitical”

And Perkowitz isn’t the only one outraged by Musk’s comments online. Alan Lasoff, currently a leased Model Y owner, plans to switch cars at the end of his contract. He also cites Musk’s political comments as the reason for his estrangement from Tesla.

“He told everyone that he was buying Twitter because he wanted to be apolitical. And right before the midterms, he tells everyone to vote Republican. He may have his own opinion, but I hate hypocrisy in people. »

For John Byrne, the CEO of a computer company in Maryland, it’s an image problem. “I don’t want to be a brand ambassador anymore,” he justified himself.

The market value of Tesla shares has fallen 65% in 2022 and the stock is currently stable around $120. According to Matthew Quint, a brand expert at Columbia University Business School, all this also has a direct impact on sales.

Indeed, the automobile is one of the areas most preferred by customers when it comes to expressing dissatisfaction and backlashing disputes involving firms or their managers.

This is because a car is an expensive, long-term purchase that represents the people who own it. Musk is currently joking on Twitter that his followers have voted for him to keep shooting himself in the foot. In other words, the trend is not going to change.

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