Another Xbox Controller, Stellar Shift, Coming This Month – Quiz & News – Xbox Mag

Evergreen range, camouflage… Xbox controllers can be discarded in many ways. But the most fashionable line of recent months is called Shift, and soon we will offer a third model. On Amazon, Stellar Shift should be available from February 14 for €64.99.

Having caught up with the end of Deep Pink’s North American exclusivity, Europe is already gearing up to welcome a second Xbox controller model in 2023. your possession as it will be available in less than two weeks.

This new controller, named Stellar Shift, logically falls into the “Shift” range along with the Aqua Shift and Lunar Shift, with the difference that it will be wearing a purple dress. Not yet officially announced, this new controller has been spotted in several subsidiaries of US retailer Amazon with orders already open at Amazon in Italy and Amazon in Spain.

Like its older sisters, the Stellar Shift will be offered at a suggested retail price of €64.99 for a release announced on February 14th. If you didn’t know what to give for Valentine’s Day, now you know.

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