Anthony Di Iorio is leaving the cryptocurrency world?

One of the co-founders of Ethereum, Anthony Di Iorio, says he is done with the world of cryptocurrencies. Partly for security reasons. However, he did not elaborate on what threats or security concerns he has.

As a reminder, Anthony Di Iorio founded Ethereum with Vitalik Buterin, Gavin Wood, Charles Hoskinson and Joseph Lubin. In fact, they met during a Bitcoin conference in 2012.

Specifically, Di Iorio announced that he was going to sell his business and completely abandon the world of cryptocurrencies for reasons of personal safety.

Indeed, since 2017, Anthony Di Iorio has his own security service. With someone who accompanies him wherever he goes. He even attended their meetings.

Indeed, Anthony Di Iorio’s statements followed a recent wave of tweets from Jackson Palmer, the creator and founder of Dogecoin, who attacked cryptocurrencies.

“After years of studying them, I believe that cryptocurrency is inherently a right-wing hypercapitalist technology. Created primarily to increase the welfare of its defenders. Through a combination of tax evasion, reduced regulatory oversight, and artificially created deficits.

Anthony Di Iorio gives up cryptocurrencies for his own safety

Ultimately Anthony Di Iorio says he will move on to his next projects and plans to set up a charitable foundation by 2022. Although he did not disclose the reason for the sudden move, he said that personal safety confirmed about 20% of his concerns.

To that end, according to a Bloomberg report, Anthony Di Iorio is considering selling Decentral to focus again on charity and other ventures that have nothing to do with cryptocurrencies. She also intends to sever ties with all startups in the blockchain world in which she participates.

By the way, Decentral is an innovation center and software company based in Toronto. Focused on disruptive and decentralized technologies.

“He has a risk profile that I don’t really like. I don’t necessarily feel safe in this space. If I focused on bigger issues, I think I would be safer. “

For this reason, Anthony Di Iorio is already looking for potential buyers and claims to have spoken with several investors. And he thinks the startup will be worth hundreds of millions.

However, he made it clear that he intends to sell the company for fiat money or shares of another company. But it doesn’t accept cryptocurrencies.

Take part in the Arrow project

“I want to diversify myself so as not to be a person dedicated exclusively to the world of cryptography. But a guy who solves difficult issues. “

In particular, Project Arrow is an initiative aimed at creating a zero-emission vehicle by 2022. It is led by one of his high school friends.

Electric car.  Source: Arrow ProjectElectric car.  Source: Arrow ProjectElectric car.  Source: Arrow ProjectElectric car. Source: Arrow Project

Referring to the project, the president of the association, Flavio Volpe, commented: “We are conducting a brain drain for this project. I am very proud of the people who want to participate in the Team Canada project inside and outside Canada.

Curiously, Anthony Di Iorio consults with the Senator from Paraguay. But he did not give any details about this.

Finally, he said, “I integrate cryptocurrencies when needed. But this is often not the case. It does cover a small percentage of what the world needs.

I conclude this line from David Held: “The constant search for security seems to have created only chronic insecurity.

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