Anti-competitive practices: SAP in the field of view of the antimonopoly authority

Cigref, the DSI club of large French companies, filed several complaints with the Competition Authority in the summer of 2021 in relation to potentially anti-competitive practices by some providers in the digital services sector for professional users.

So where is this file? “At this stage, the Autorité de la concurrence has decided to support the investigation of the appeal regarding SAP,” mentions Cgigref, who states that he will “cooperate fully with the Autorité de la concurrence to facilitate the investigation of this case. “.

These appeals “are not intended to sanction the respective suppliers, but rather to put an end to practices that are considered unfair and even anti-competitive, the victims of which are their customers, in particular members of Cigref,” the association says. The purpose of these applications is to request arbitration on these practices.

In April 2021, Cigref and CISPE published 10 principles for fair software licensing for cloud customers.

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