Anti-vaccine activists protest outside high school

Anti-vaccine activist François Amalega Bitondo and other cronies went to the Robert-Gravel school, in the Mile End sector of Plateau-Mont-Royal on Tuesday afternoon.

Among them, one sang anti-vaccine comments using a megaphone while another filmed live Facebook videos with teenagers.

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The students found the presence of anti-vaccine activists inappropriate. A teenager also filmed a small group of five anti-vaccine activists.

Since the activists were on the sidewalk, they could not be evacuated. The Montreal Police Department (SPVM) was dispatched to the scene. The police issued a fine to Mr. Amalega Bitondo, who collects them. He has amassed $ 35,500 in tickets since the start of the pandemic.

“We left the school and there were three people shouting that we should not get vaccinated, that the community should not leave us. They showed us a lot of photos of people testifying against the vaccine like it was really wrong, ”said a teenager in an interview with Yves Poirier. He added that the teachers went out to ensure the safety of their students.

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“The police took a while to arrive, but we tried to stay away from the man who said anti-vaccine,” said another teenager.

Anti-vaccines distributed brochures to students about the possible dangerous side effects of the vaccine. “I think people are acting overblown when they talk about immunization,” commented another student.

Deputy Ruba Ghazal said she was very disturbed by the events in her driving in a tweet on Twitter.

It is the third school in the metropolis, after the Louis-Riel and Louis-Joseph-Papineau schools, attacked by anti-vaccine activists in a week.


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