Anti-vaccine radio host dies of COVID-19

A famous conservative radio host who opposed COVID-19 vaccination has succumbed to complications from the virus, his co-host announced on social media on Monday.

“It is with great regret that I learned that my close friend and Real Science Radio co-host has lost his battle with COVID,” wrote co-host Fred Williams on Facebook, reports CNN.

In October, Pastor Robert “Bob” Enyart won a lawsuit against the state of Colorado over restrictions imposed due to COVID-19.

In a telephone interview with CNN, which took place shortly after the sentencing, Robert Enyart said: “We have the right, even the obligation, to worship him (God), and that without government interference.”

His co-host added, in his Facebook post, that “Bob Enyart was one of the smartest and possibly the wisest people I have ever met.”

According to CNN, in August 2021, an update to the site on which the duo’s radio show aired indicated that Robert Enyart and his wife Cheryl “have vowed not to take the Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson vaccines.”

Robert Enyart is the latest of several radio hosts who recently died of complications from COVID-19 after expressing disagreement about wearing a mask or vaccinating.


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