AntPool will no longer manage Ethereum accounts after the merger, citing the risk of censorship. – Last news

Cryptocurrency mining pool Anthill said he would no longer manage accounts Ethereum after the merger. According to the mining pool, ” Ethereum 2.0″ carries the risk of censorship in different countries. It requires customers to provide a wallet address no later than September 3rd. Ethereum to get your assets Ethereum.

Antpool stops managing its customers’ assets on Ethereum

After deploying the Fusion update, Antpool plans to no longer store the assets of these clients on the blockchain Ethereum. The company’s reason is that it wants to protect itself from the risks of censorship.

Another network update Ethereum will affect the functionality of this blockchain. Ethereum will now work with Proof of Stake protocol instead of the current Proof of Work protocol. Until now, approval of the transaction required intervention validator is necessary. In other words, the role of minors is to verify the correctness of each operation. In return, the network rewards them for their work.

Concerns about censorship Ethereum have increased since the decisionOFAC american punish Tornado Cash. Several analysts have pointed out that moving the blockchain network to a Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism could make it more vulnerable to scrutiny.

CEO CoinbaseBrian Armstrong said the exchange would prefer to stop bettingEthereum rather than censor network transactions. However, the community remains concerned about what this regulation means for the industry.

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Anthill retains its support PoW

In the same time, Anthill also expressed support for proof of work (PoW) in a blog post. He said he would continue to offer pool services. Etash for those who want to mine tokens Etash as Ethereum classical (ETC). The move is not surprising given that the network recently committed $10 million to develop the ecosystem. ETC.

Antpool will continue to provide mining pool services Etash users who plan to continue mining tokens Etash as [Ethereum Classic]and will do everything possible to ensure the stability of computing power and the security of assets. »

The company also announced support for other tokens. PoW as well as PoW decentralized consensus.Antpool worked on the development and maintenance of the ecosystem PoW“, the message concluded.

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