Antwerp: Amir Bashruri’s parents found 20 kg of cocaine

Last week, Antwerp police found a bag containing 20 kilograms of cocaine, as well as a cache of cannabis, at the home of the mother of Amir Bahruri, president of the Flemish Youth Council. A young man of Moroccan origin pleads not guilty in this case.

Who could hide drugs and cannabis in the house of Amir Bahruri’s parents in Antwerp? The President of the Flemish Youth Council points to a family member who had full access to the house. After interrogation, the young man, his mother and sister were released by the police.

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After the discovery, “my mother, my sister and I were briefly interrogated. Of course, we fully cooperated and were allowed to return,” Bahruri writes. “We are not aware that this amount of drugs was hidden in my mother’s house by a family member. We are shocked and devastated by this breach of trust. We have full confidence in the continuation of the judicial investigation and will fully cooperate. »

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He also describes the difficult situation for his entire family, “sincerely hoping that the perpetrator will be appropriately punished,” he wrote.

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