Anxiety ! Mr. Robot will leave the Netflix catalog in a few days

If you start the series now, you may have a chance to do everything before it disappears from the platform. Because yes, Mr. Robot and its 4 seasons (that’s 45 episodes in total) are preparing to leave the Netflix catalog this Sunday, August 22, thus depriving their subscribers of one of the most significant series of the just past decade. Sam Esmail’s psychological and technophobic thriller, released on USA Network in 2015 and making Rami Malek a superstar, has left an indelible mark on pop culture.

When the world discovered Elliot Alderson, the hero of “Mr. Robot”, a brilliant hacker and suffering from dissociative identity disorder, no one then suspected that he would become an icon. A wind of anarchy and paranoia blew on this series, which warned of the influence of large corporations and highlighted social anxiety, depression and other anxiety attacks affecting its protagonist like no other series.

So we can only urge Netflix subscribers to hurry up and watch all four seasons of Mr. Robot before it’s too late. However, if you subscribe to another streaming service, all is not lost: the series remains available on Prime Video.

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