AOC Launches New V5 USBC Monitors

This week, AOC unveiled six new V5 series monitors designed for home, office and educational settings, featuring a bezelless design on three sides. The new monitors are available in Full HD and QHD resolutions and range from 24 inches or 60.4 cm in the form of the 24V5C and 24V5CE USBC monitors to 27 inches or 68.6 cm in the 27V5C, 27V5CE, Q27V5C models and if your budget is limited to 31 .5″ or 80 cm as AOC Q32V5CE USBC monitor. The first six models of the V5 series are available for purchase this month and feature adaptive sync technology.

“Now the V5 series will brighten up any home office. The look of the V5 series is attractive yet as simple as possible: it comes in black with a 3sided frameless design with a very narrow chin at the bottom of the frame and an ultraslim base (12.1mm) including height. – adjustable (V5C) or simpler (V5CE) stand with tilt function. The V5C models offer swivel, tilt, swivel (90°) and 130mm height adjustment for ergonomic use in both work and play settings.”

USBC tracks pricing and availability

AOC 24V5C, 24V5CE, 27V5C, 27V5CE, Q27V5C and Q32V5CE will be available from July 2022:

  • 24V5C: £209.99
  • 24V5CE: £189.99
  • 27V5C: £229.99
  • 27V5CE: £209.99
  • Q27V5C: £299.99
  • Q32V5CE: £299.99

AOC V5 Series USBC Monitors

“Versatility is at the heart of the V5 series, with all models featuring a 4port USB 3.2 hub and a 65W USBC connector. Students who take their tablets/laptops home, or flexible WFH users who take their laptop home to continue working at their desk, can simply connect their devices to extend/mirror their display on their monitors with a single USBC cable . The USBC connection also powers/charges the device while transmitting the display signal and allowing access to other devices through the builtin USB hub. “

“The robust DNA of AOC’s display expertise is, of course, present in the V5 series. Wide color gamut (120% sRGB or higher, 90% DCIP3 or higher) and color accurate IPS panels (for 24″ and 27″) or VA panels (for 32″) bring images to life with vibrant colors, vibrant hues and natural hues . Their 75Hz refresh rate dwarfs the 60Hz of regular office models, while a fast 4ms GtG response time as well as AMD FreeSync support make the V5 series suitable for casual gaming sessions after hours. Builtin speakers (3Wx2 and 5Wx2 for Q32V5CE) and a headphone jack complete the package for any entertainment use.”

Source: AOC

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