Apex Legends: a moth among legends

Yesterday EA and Respawn introduced the Next Upcoming Legend for Apex Legends with a short animated film with a fairy tale flavor. Obi, aka Seer, born under the curse of the moth on the day a neighboring planet was destroyed, was cast out of his own from birth, as he and his piercing gaze are said to cause devastation and death.

The butterfly is the flame

In the days leading up to the animated film’s release, we were presented with a three-part miniseries depicting the origin of the moth curse. It tells the story of a king, a queen and their blind daughter whom they imprisoned in a tower to protect her from the dangers of the world.

One day a young man walked past the princess window singing and the two fell in love. The king and queen discovered the affair and arrested him. On a night when the princess was waiting for her lover in vain, a moth presented itself to her, attracted by the fire of her candle. The butterfly, tired of the curse of being attracted to anything that might kill it, made a blood pact with the princess. In return for helping find the young man, the butterfly would be reborn in the form of its first child.

When the king and queen discovered that the princess was missing, they burned the young man at the stake. The moth, unable to overcome its deadly pull, rushed into the flames, and the princess followed. The blood pact did not succeed and the curse of the moth weighed on the kingdom since that day.

This story set the stage for Obi’s short animated film born under the curse of the butterfly, even adopting the butterfly as his emblem. Seer will be available at the release of the new season of Apex Legends on August 3 and a full description of his skills will be revealed to us on July 22 during a special EA Play event.

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