Apex Legends arrives on Mobiles

Game news Apex Legends arrives on Mobiles

Apex Legends, the Electronic Arts Battle Royale which announced the content of its Season 9 earlier today, is already back in the spotlight with some big news. The title will now be entitled to Mobile versions.

After a more or less successful assault on Nintendo Switch (see our test), Apex Legends, the Battle Royale that brought together more than 100 million players around the world, intends to make its debut on iOS and Android. The title renamed for the occasion Apex Legends Mobile still has no release date, however, fans of this free-to-play will be delighted to learn that the first beta tests will be deployed at the end of the month on Android, at least in India and the Philippines. Other beta tests will then be available around the world during the year 2021 on iOS and Android.

The first regional beta tests for Apex Legends Mobile will begin later this month. This is a very important moment for our whole team. Two years ago, we redefined the genre of Battle Royale, and we plan to do the same with the mobile version of Apex Legends. Respawn via the official Apex Legends website

Apex Legends Mobile aims to make full use of the touch screens of your smartphones, while remaining faithful to the original. For this, the title of Respawn will obviously be delivered with simplified controls.

Apex Legends Mobile was designed specifically for touchscreens, with streamlined controls and meticulous optimizations that should result in the most advanced Battle Royale fighting game ever released for mobile phones. Respawn

Of course, this new version of the game will be, like its big brother, free-to-play. However, Electronic Arts clarified that no cross-play functionality will be offered. So do not expect to face players playing on PC and consoles.

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