Apex Legends: Chaos Theory

The new season ofApex Legends Chaos has been in full swing for a few weeks now and we are finally unveiling the seasonal event that everyone was waiting for. Chaos theory starts on March 9, 2021 for a period of 2 weeks and Respawn take the opportunity to make some updates in passing. Let’s take a look at what awaits us next Tuesday.

Caustic storms the water treatment center

The place where the water treatment plant stood is now a giant mousetrap. If you manage to drain the toxic liquid inside, you will have access to 4 cages containing level 4 loot. But beware, you will certainly not be the only ones coveting these treasures. If you are brave enough to venture there, you will be richly rewarded. Or will you only find death there?

The fury of the ring

As usual, we will be entitled to a new temporary game mode during this special event. Maggie has a surprise in store for the Legends: in addition to the ring that closes with each turn, growing ring eruptions will appear on the map as the game progresses and finding you there will hurt you as much as being outside. of the current lap ring.

To help you survive this ordeal, you’ll have a new gadget, the Heat Shield. Each player begins the game with a shield on them. It doesn’t take up space in your regular inventory because it has its own slot in your backpack. Deploy it to protect yourself from damage caused by the Ring and its eruptions and gain 50% bonus healing time and 25% revive time. These bonuses will only be granted to you if it is deployed outside the ring. The more the game progresses, the shorter the duration of the shield. The shield will be part of regular in-game loot after the event.

The ring’s fury will become more and more intense over time. The more the days go by, the more the level of difficulty will increase. You can expect 5 levels of intensity or the amount of eruptions, the speed at which they will appear and the size of them will be adjusted upward.

Unique cosmetics to collect

Obviously, who says event says cosmetics! Among other things, tracking free rewards will allow you to unlock a skin for Horizon as well as two skins legendary weapons, one for the EVA-8 and one for the Kraber. You will have the opportunity to earn a maximum of 1000 progress points per day by completing special daily challenges.

24 other rewards will also be unlockable via the event store where you will be able to spend your Apex coins and raw materials. Complete the collection and you will receive the set Bangalore Legacy! The set will be available for crafting with your Heirloom Shards after March 23.

No single player mode yet but …

While this is not an official single-player game mode, we will have the option of not filling our squad’s vacancies with the matchmaking. Whether it is to complete your daily challenges, to take the time to explore without the pressure of teammates or to put yourself to the test, you will now have the choice to go solo. This option will not be available in a ranked game and there will be a limit of 6 solo players per game.

An overview of the adjustments

Several updates and bug fixes will be implemented on March 9. Here’s what gets the most attention:

  • Caustic : her Nox gas grenade sees its refresh time increased from 2.5 to 3.5 seconds. Gas now does 5 damage per second consistently instead of 6 to 12 damage progression.
  • Pathfinder : He is no longer one of the low profile legends.
  • Gibraltar : you will no longer benefit from a 15% bonus for healing items in the protective dome.
  • Horizon : increased recharge time of the black hole 2 to 3 minutes
  • Coming back : his silence disables Mirage camouflage and fast healing of Octane.
  • Wattson : passive regeneration of armor at a default of 0.5 HP per second.
  • Wingman : +1 bullet per magazine (including base magazine)
  • Mastiff : Decreased pellet damage from 13 to 11. Increased firing speed from 1.0 to 1.1.
  • Sights : Golden weapons will now be equipped with the Bruiser 2x. You will also have the option to change the sights of all Golden Weapons and Legendary Weapons except the Kraber.
Trailer of the event available on the Apex Legends Youtube channel

Apex Legends released on Switch

March 9 is also the release date of the game on the Nintendo Switch console. As season 8 is already well underway, players on this platform are offered 30 levels of Battle Pass free and will benefit from a double XP for the first 2 weeks of launch. Additionally, players who log into their Switch account by the end of the season will receive a skin exclusive for Pathfinder. Multiplatform available!

For more information on updates and the event, click here.

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