Apex Legends Season 9: Seed

Respawn Entertainment is about to launch the biggest update ofApex Legends until now and there will be something for everyone! New legend, overhaul of Olympus, new weapon, not to mention the arena mode, if May 4th is not yet on your agenda, allow me to take a tour with you of the many reasons to look forward to next Tuesday.

Valkyrie, the winged vengeance

Kairi Imahara isn’t shy. The daughter of a Titan pilot and smuggler, she had been trying to get her hands on Blisk’s snare for years. She never forgave him for having taken away his father by sending him to accomplish a mission from which he never returned. When she finally had the chance for a face-to-face meeting, Blisk challenged her to do better than her late father. Although the desire did not fail her, it was not his life that she stole from him, but a card for the Apex games. Thus, Valkyrie entered the legends like an angel of death, armed with a jetpack built from the remains of his father’s titan. The sky belongs to him.

Passive capacity “VTOL Jets»: Reposition yourself in height using your jetpack. Be careful, your fuel is limited and you will not be able to use your weapon once in the air.

Tactical Ability “Missile Swarm”: launch a volley of mini-missiles in the direction of your enemies to inflict damage and disorient them.

Ultimate ability “To the sky”: Similar to using balloons, this ability allows your squad to reposition over a long distance.

Olympus and the lost fleet

A strange fleet of ships land on Olympus, with on board a mysterious form of invasive plant life. Its main ship, the Icarus, docked in the city, allowing these parasitic plants to take the metropolis hostage. The rest of the fleet is scattered over the rest of Olympus and its sky. Everything drastically changes the cityscape of the city into an extraterrestrial botanical garden and offers new points of interest to visit.

The most interesting of these new points of interest is without a doubt the Icarus itself. Notice to the claustrophobic, the suffocating ambience of the overgrown ship will likely make you want to look out the door rather than follow your teammates inside. The courageous will be rewarded for their temerity. In the 4 rooms that make up this ship are scattered the corpses of the scientists who worked on board the Icarus. On one of the bodies is an access card to the deck of the ship. This key will allow you to unlock the front of the ship which contains high level loot.

A unique weapon of its kind

here is the Bocek (pronounced bow-check). This compound bow will require unparalleled control and precision from its user. Pull the rope for a short time to take full advantage of this difficult-to-master weapon.

The Bocek uses a new type of ammunition: arrows. They are rarer than other ammunition, but once fired, an arrow remains stuck in the object where it stopped and can be retrieved. The arc can be changed from one aim (1x to 3x) and two types of hop-up which can be equipped simultaneously!

Say hello to the starter kit

Gone are the days when you had to run after white armor upon landing. You will now start the game equipped with a level 1 KO armor, helmet and shield. You will also have 2 syringes and 2 cells. Level 1 KO helmets and shields will no longer be part of the collectable item pool and white armor will be found less frequently.

Express yourself with the new emoticons

Each legend will have a range of emoticons unique to it. You will have access to one of them for free (one per legend) and the rest must be either obtained in a pack Apex, be made using raw materials.

Of course, Respawn has thought of everything. Since these emoticons allow you to see your character in the third person momentarily, the developers have implemented a mechanism toanti-peek. You will not be able to see what is happening on the other side of the corner of a building using emoticons.

A new permanent game mode

The icing on the sundae of this update: arenas mode! If you fancy taking on other Legends in a 3v3 game mode without the interruption of a third squad ruining your strategy, this is for you.

The rules are simple. Eliminate your enemies to win the round. Win 3 rounds and you win the game. But be careful, you must have a gap of at least 2 innings to be able to win the victory. If the opposing team catches up with you, the game goes into overtime. If the teams are tied at 4-4, the game falls into sudden death. The squad that wins the ninth round will be crowned the winner.

Before each round, you will have the opportunity to spend materials obtained during the game to customize your arsenal. You will lose your weapons at the end of a round and they will need to be purchased again. The skills of your legends will have a limited number of uses, so you will need to use them wisely. You will be able to purchase additional uses in the pre-round store and any unused charges will be carried to the next round.

The games will take place in one of the 5 arena maps available at the launch of the game mode. These battlefields specially designed for close combat will remind you of familiar environments. Two cards will be part of the permanent pool: Party Crasher and Runner phase.

Party Crasher is a map inspired by a chic district of Olympus where we also find the ship Mirage Voyage crushed. This map offers both close combat and long distance opportunities.

Runner phase is partly inspired by Olympus since we find there the iconic phase module in its experimental form, but also the verdant decoration of the End of the World. This card offers a lot of cover and it will be up to you to decide whether you prefer a slow and cautious or a fast and aggressive approach.

Three other maps will be available: the artillery of the Canyon of the Kings, the thermal station of the End of the World and the golden gardens of Olympus. They will be part of a rotation every 2 weeks. Other environments may be added during the season.

The more it changes, the less it is the same …

Obviously, an update of this magnitude does not come without its share of adjustments and changes to the famous META. Some are minors, but others deserve mention.

Legends at low profile no longer exist! No, no. Wraith, Lifeline, and Wattson will no longer have an advantage due to their small size.

Lifeline reviewed from A to Z. DOC will no longer deploy a shield when reviving a downed teammate, but he will now have the ability to raise 2 at a time. The reanimation can be canceled by Lifeline if the situation becomes a little too dangerous and it was better for his allies to protect themselves with their KO shield.Support packages will guarantee, as far as possible, an improvement in either armor, accessory for weapons or other (backpack, KO shield) for one of the team members.

Loba shopped for a new bracelet. Let’s face it, Loba wasn’t your first choice of legend unless you had a specific challenge to do with her. Normal, since his bracelet was frankly ineffective in most situations. Adjustments have been made and Loba’s Airlift no longer causes a slowdown on landing. You will also be able to run and slide while deploying the bracelet.

No more transparent smoke! After the latest Bangalore smoke particle optimization, it was possible to see through it like a vulgar cloud of dust. The smoke should now be as opaque as before.

A new category of weapons is emerging. With the arrival of the Bocek, the development team adds the categorySniper ”to the types of weapons available. It will include the G7 Scout, the 30-30, the Triple Take and of course, the Bocek. Weapons in this category will benefit from a bonus to walking speed when the player looks through his aim compared to the class. Sniper ”.

The peacekeeper back in the regular pool. It changes places with the Triple Take in the supply packages. In the same vein, the pool of fully equipped weapons is also changing. Gold variants will now be the Wingman, Bocek, R99, Hemlock, and Sentinel.

Mozambique here! Like it or not, it’s here to stay. And as long as you stay, you might as well make it effective. Add 2 more bullets to the magazine and a more concentrated spread of the granules, but the Hop-up Hammerpoint disappears. We are a long way from April Fool’s Mozambique, but there is improvement.

Challenge yourself. With the advent of arena mode, it is normal that challenges specific to this new game mode will also appear. You will have the challenges menu for the 2 available game modes and you will be able to exchange one challenge per day for free. During the exchange, you will be able to decide if you would like a challenge for the Battle royale or for arenas mode.

Of course, this does not represent the entirety of all the changes that will occur on May 4th. If you would like to read the full patch notes, you can do so by visiting this link. All images used for this article are copyright of Respawn entertainment.

Season 9 trailer available on Apex Legends Youtube channel

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