Apex Legends: This Real Moving Robot Is A Replica Of Loot Ticks

A passionate Apex Legends and robotics engineer has created an authentic replica of the tick loot. The robot can move, kick smaller robots, and even crouch.

In Apex Legends, the famous free-to-play Battle Royale that is the most inclusive game, players can collect particularly interesting “loot” thanks to loot ticks. They are robots mounted on four legs with a pyramid-shaped head that rotates on an axis. Loot ticks can be found in-game, but also in the menu where players can open them for three rewards.

The Apex Legends loot tick replica – Credit: The3DPrintSpace / YouTube

Engineer Graham Watson of the YouTube channel The3DPrintSpace is passionate about both Apex Legends and robotics. Therefore, he took on the challenge of building a real robot that mimics the behavior of a loot from Apex Legends. The engineer shared on video all the stages of the project as well as the final result, which is really impressive.

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Apex Legends robot crouches, trembles in fear, and hits smaller robots

Graham Watson’s robot is equipped with independently controlled spider legs. This allows it in particular to kick smaller robots or even duck. Its pyramid-shaped head with three LED lights rotates on itself as if it is about to open to dispense loot. However, the robot cannot be opened, at least for the moment. For even more realism, the robot trembles in fear as the game’s loot ticks.

Graham Watson explained to our fellow PC gamers that, “I wanted this to be as true to the game as physically possible, but obviously the loot from the game was never intended to be something that exists in the game. Real life. designed to look as cool as possible, not to take into account motors, servos, joints, electronics, gravity, physics, etc. “

In fact, the engineer spent 8 months designing, building and programming this robot that presented many technical difficulties. One of the most difficult tasks was to make it as light as possible so that its spider legs would not break under its weight. Now, Graham Watson has plans to design the V2 loot with more powerful servos that will make the robot more robust.

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