ApeX Pro » Decentralized Exchange (DEX) for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

ApeX Pro » Decentralized Exchange (DEX)

ApeX Pro is a permissionless decentralized exchange (DEX) for bitcoin and cryptocurrencies that allows users to personally receive their funds at any time through forced requests.

Designed for highly accurate accurate trading in a decentralized derivatives market. Visit » Official site

ApeX Pro is the core product of the ApeX protocol. Here are some of the benefits of the ApeX Pro platform:

  • Orderbook Model: Eliminates a gap for users who use orderbooks in their trades, now on a permissionless, KYC-free, self-storage trading platform.
  • High performance : The protocol processes an average of 10 transactions per second and 1000 placed and canceled orders per second.
  • Multi-channel support A: ApeX Pro currently supports Arbitrum, BSC, Polygon, and Ethereum for cross-chain deposits and withdrawals.
  • Low Fees, High Leverage: Up to 30x leverage, instant settlement and one of the lowest gas fees backed by the integration of StarkWare’s Level 2 scaling engine, StarkEx.
  • Security and privacy: ZK proofs ensure that only balance fees are visible in ETH.

To access ApeX Pro, open your Bybit wallet and start trading derivatives on a secure, permission-free, self-custody, authentication-free platform. That’s not all, become an ApeX Pro trader to unlock unlimited access to perpetual contracts with an order book model and be rewarded in $BANA – ApeX Pro reward token – through the Trade-to-Earn event. Read more here.

Click DEX in the Derivatives section of the main navigation bar to go to the ApeX Pro trading page. Then click “Login to Bybit Wallet” to connect your Bybit Wallet to ApeX Pro and start trading derivatives without permission. Keep your eyes (and $BANA-nas) open for more exciting plans in the works!

Unlimited access to perpetual contracts with an order book model.

The ApeX protocol is supported by the APEX token, which grants governance rights, and BANA, the exchange reward token for ApeX Pro.

APEX holders are eligible to participate in governance, protocol incentives, and staking.

As ApeX Pro goes out of its way to bring you the ultimate security and transparency of decentralized exchanges (DEXs), as well as the usability and liquidity typically seen on centralized exchanges (CEXs), we are pleased to announce the integration of Bybit x ApeX.

Bybit is a world famous cryptocurrency exchange with a robust and dynamic product ecosystem for all crypto enthusiasts. Bybit is a longtime supporter of decentralized finance (DeFi); he was and remains committed to the safety of traders when trading. With this integration, Bybit is firmly opening the door to DeFi and decentralized trading on ApeX Pro.

bitcoin cryptocurrency exchangeThe goal of ApeX Pro is to remove common barriers to entry when trading DEX, including lack of user experience, sub-optimal liquidity schemes, complex user interfaces, and more.

ApeX Pro invites all Bybit users to immerse themselves in a permissionless DEX trading experience – the same easy-to-use order book interface for seamless user registration, USDC perpetual contracts, order types, pricing efficiency, high transaction speed, up to 30x leverage, and market depth , which Bybit users are familiar with.

Also, instead of creating multiple wallets and managing multiple private keys and applications, this integration allows Bybit users to simply transfer their Bybit assets and funds from their Spot account or a new Bybit wallet. Users can access gas-free markets by following three simple steps:

  • Connect your Bybit wallet to ApeX Pro to start depositing or trading on ApeX Pro.
  • Once logged in, traders can deposit funds to ApeX Pro through their Bybit Spot Wallet or Bybit Web3 Wallet (Bybit Wallet).
  • After making a deposit, you can start trading.
  • Traders have access to trades of any size, as well as deposit and withdrawal services in ApeX Pro without having to go through Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures. It also supports multi-chain support for Ethereum and all EVM compatible chains and tokens starting with Arbitrum, BSC and Polygon.

    Above all else, the safety of our traders remains ApeX Pro’s top priority. This includes the security of merchant funds, transaction verification security measures, and their privacy guarantees. With StarkWare Layer 2 Scalability Engine StarkEx integration:

    • Trades are verified with Zero Knowledge Proofs (ZK) and require the trader’s signature to validate and process a trade request.
    • Trader’s personal information and data is not visible to other traders and external parties.

    Traders will always have 100% ownership of their wallets and funds when connecting a supported external wallet to ApeX Pro, as they can force requests to receive their funds even in rare circumstances such as possible service outages or downtime.

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    For traders looking for extra perks, check out the annual ApeX Pro Trade-to-Earn event where rewards of $190,000 in BANA are mandatory given away to trading users every week based on their trading volume.

    Learn more » Official site

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